Girls who play,
women who lead.

Deloitte has a proud history of championing women in sports and business

From winning on the court to leading in the boardroom—the future can be bright for girls who play sports. Eighty-five percent of surveyed women who played sports say the skills they developed playing sports were important to success in their professional careers.1 Watch our newest commercials from the WNBA postseason to see why Deloitte is proud to support professional women everywhere.

Boardroom fantasy draft

Watch as WNBA stars Sylvia Fowles, Diana Taurasi, and Sydney Colson try to draft the perfect fantasy business lineup.

  • Boardroom fantasy draft

  • The real MVPs of business

  • The winning roster

  • Front-row seats to the C-suite

Proudly empowering the women of Deloitte

Our leadership position to help shape the diversity, equity, and inclusion landscape of corporate America starts with our own organization and our own people—regardless of a background in sports.

of surveyed women professionals feel that they are “treated with respect at work.”

of surveyed women professionals feel they can “bring their authentic self to work.”

More than half of Deloitte’s US Board is represented by women leaders.

Investing in the next generation of women

Deloitte has been shaping corporate diversity and inclusion since 1935 when Jennie Palen became the first woman to run a department at a leading accounting firm. She paved the way for women at Deloitte and, eventually, our Women's Initiative Network (WIN) in 1993; our first woman chair in 2003; and the first woman CEO of any Big Four organization in 2015. Today, our US Board is ~52% women, and our US Executive team is 39% women. There's more we can achieve as a team. Game on!

Bold moves of top women in tech

Meet Blair

Blair Morgan, a principal in Deloitte Consulting LLP, interviewed four talented and inspiring women leaders in technology. Hear their stories of bold moves, and get their perspectives on spearheading change in the fast-moving fields of tech and media. It’s our hope that you will discover practical advice and actionable insights from their examples and take advantage of Deloitte’s many resources that can help you blaze your own trail to success.

Read the interview

Challenging what it means to go pro

Meet Jasmine

An executive coordinator at Deloitte US, Jasmine’s economic opportunity has been transformed by skills-first hiring practices. She is now balancing her full-time role with pursuing a four-year degree in business analytics.

Learn about roles that don’t require degrees

All about the fit

Meet Caroline

“When looking at career options, think about who you could see yourself spending every day with. It’s the same criteria I used when I was deciding where I was going to play college basketball. I want to make sure it's somewhere I'm going to fit in and excel.” — Caroline Durbin, Deloitte Tax LLP, Tampa office

Learn more about our positive impact on professional women

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[1] Deloitte August 2023 survey

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