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Deloitte is proud to sponsor Team USA and the USOPC

Introducing Team Deloitte Tokyo 2020!

Meet the six new Team Deloitte athletes striving for an opportunity to compete in the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, and learn more about Deloitte’s sponsorship of the US Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC).

Cheer on Team Deloitte

Each of our Team Deloitte athletes embody what we stand for as an organization in their pursuit of excellence, their ability to see what’s possible, and a desire to make an impact that matters. That’s why Deloitte is proud to sponsor these Team USA athletes on their journey to the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.

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To learn more about the 2020 Team Deloitte athletes, click on their bios below!

Team Deloitte Olympic hopefuls

Team Deloitte Paralympic hopefuls

Helping Team USA go for gold

From quantifying the impact of hosting the Games on US soil to implementing sustainability initiatives, Deloitte makes a difference in the daily operations of the USOPC.

As the only National Olympic Committee that doesn't receive government funding, USOPC executives must engage in rigorous, year-round planning to support the development of Team USA. To support these efforts, Deloitte delivers a breadth of knowledge, network of seasoned practitioners, and depth of analytical rigor that have helped the USOPC set long-term strategy, operate more efficiently, and focus on its core mission: To discover, train, and develop many of the United States' top athletes.

See how we worked with the USOPC to develop Team USA’s digital voting platform, helping fans engage with Olympic and Paralympic athletes year-round.

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Team USA and the Olympic and Paralympic movements

Why do the Olympic and Paralympic Movements matter? Because they are enduring celebrations that seek to unite the world in friendship and peace through sport.

While the primary purpose of many other sports franchises is to produce a champion, the broader aim of the Olympic and Paralympic Movement is different. The inherent values of sport—discipline, perseverance, teamwork—find their highest expression in the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Around the world, the Games are recognized as the pinnacle of sport because of the very values they embody. Deloitte is proud to be a sponsor of the USOPC, bringing these values to life every day by supporting our top athletes around the country as they work to be their very best as competitors and as people.

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Only see possible

Complex challenges become opportunities when seen through many perspectives. The depth and breadth of Deloitte’s disciplines, combined with our ability to form stronger relationships, examine the finest details, and our access to new technology and new ways of working, lets us reveal a new perspective to our clients: One where their world is full of infinite possibilities, and they have an advisor ready to lead the charge and help them take advantage. When you only see possible, there’s no limit to what you’re able to accomplish.

We are proud to support and champion the Olympic and Paralympic mission, navigating complexity to inspire clients including the USOPC, USTA, USGA, and 85 percent of the Fortune 500 to capitalize on opportunities. Learn what happened when you only see possible.

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