Reimagining the WNBA App

Elevating the league’s digital game for a more engaging fan experience.

The situation

When the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) started its first season in 1997, fan engagement looked generally different than it does today. Technology has created unique and powerful ways for sports fans to engage with their favorite players, teams, and leagues in real time. And, increasingly, fans are looking to consume content digitally and at their fingertips. As the WNBA is in more than the basketball game, the league turned to Deloitte to help reimagine and elevate its digital game, ultimately to meet the needs and interests of its growing and diverse fanbase.

WNBA App screen

The solve

As a trusted advisor to the WNBA, Deloitte helps the league advance and grow through many initiatives, including long-term vision planning, fan segmentation, and digital strategy. To take the WNBA App to the next level, the league brought in Deloitte, given our blend of strategic approach, product management and design experience, understanding of the league, and vast technology capabilities.

To start, Deloitte and the WNBA collaborated to define product priorities based on fan needs, utilizing proprietary research, fan insights, and competitive analysis. More than 30 user journeys and leading mobile principles informed the overarching app strategy and approach, which resulted in three mobile design imperatives:

  1. Create personalized features and serve customized content, based on user data and preferences, to curate an experience specific to each fan’s interests.
  2. Provide varied content experiences around both on-court action and exclusive off-court highlights.
  3. Prioritize easy engagement for both avid and casual fans, while integrating key features such as schedules, game highlights, trends, and the ability to stream games live in-app with WNBA League Pass.
WNBA app screen with player rankings
number one
number one

With the requirement framework clearly defined, Deloitte professionals, including UX/UI designers and product managers, began mapping the app architecture and experience flowcharts to optimize the experience across multiple operating systems. A team of in-house developers and engineers supported development—building, designing, and implementing design components that could be leveraged based on content served to each unique fan and based on their personalized interests. And, to ensure that the app would operate at peak performance, quality assurance professionals validated process flows and designs in more than 15 user testing sessions ahead of app launch.

75 Percent
75 percent
kahleah copper app screens

Throughout the process, Deloitte brought an insight-driven, tailored approach to help create a next-generation digital experience designed to allow fans to get closer to what they love about the teams, the players, and the league as a whole. Keeping the fans at the center of the experience, the app brings in features many surveyed fans specifically asked for, including must-see moments and team spotlights, as well as prioritized short-form content delivery. Since fan preferences and trends are always evolving, the app was also built to accomodate new features over time.

Kahleah Cooper
qr code to download app

The impact

Across the complete app development life cycle, from strategy and design to development and quality assurance, Deloitte helped the league to build an app that delivers impact for the WNBA. By reimagining the mobile experience, the WNBA can help enable fans to engage more deeply with the sport through personalized content and experiences. In doing so, the WNBA can further understand and engage its fan base, ultimately providing a platform to drive loyalty and potential for revenue generation. Plus, Deloitte continues to work with the league to enhance and optimize the app for a more personalized digital experience with new features like viewing past season games, a game calendar and team filter, ticketing added to game details, and the ability to tour and rate the app.

Since the app’s launch, it has experienced eager engagement from fans and created measurable impact for the league. Through harnessing the power of technology, Deloitte is helping the league win beyond the court now and in the future.

Scan the QR code to download and experience the WNBA App


increase in app downloads year-over-year3


increase in WNBA App active monthly users in 2023


increased views of the League Pass year-over-year


growth in the WNBA’s subscription League Pass

1 and 2: From proprietary research as a part of Deloitte-conducted focus group. Results are of those surveyed.
3: Women’s National Basketball Association, League Office, 2023.

Changing the game

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Helping the WNBA win beyond the court

Deloitte is helping guide the WNBA in its efforts to drive business transformation and empower the league, the players, and the fans.


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