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Work Better Together – Why Workplace Relationships Matter

The importance of building relationships in your organization

The book ‘Work Better Together,’ explains why workplace relationships matter and provides practical strategies for creating a culture of authentic and trust-based relationships that boosts retention, productivity, profitability, and well-being.

Praise for Work Better Together

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About the book

Work relationships matter, especially in our time of increased telecommuting and digital communication. Research shows that authentic, trust-based relationships increase job satisfaction, leading to greater engagement, higher productivity, longer employee retention, and even decreased health care costs.

For years, companies have been implementing programs that promote social responsibility and improve employee health, both of which benefit the financial bottom line. Now it’s time to prioritize well-being of all kinds—and Work Better Together provides the information and tools you need to make it happen.

Here, authors Jen Fisher and Anh Phillips explain how our increasing connection to technology is decreasing our connection to people. They discuss why human skills, like relationship-building, empathy, and emotional intelligence, will be essential to the future of work and how remote work and our "always on" society is increasing isolation and burnout that is negatively impacting workers’ happiness and engagement. They help you identify the different kinds of teams—from shark tanks to lone leopards to doom loops—at work in your organization and show how to cultivate positive relationships by:

  • Focusing on self-care, such as physical health, quality sleep, and taking time off
  • Tapping into human skills, such as empathy, authenticity, and communication
  • Using technology with intentionality to strengthen relationships, while breaking the negative habits technology fosters
  • Managing workplace relationships, whether you’re in the office every day or telecommuting—or something in between
  • Developing a culture of strong relationships that drive quality collaboration throughout the organization

Work Better Together walks you through the process of implementing change and fueling a much-needed corporate movement toward humanity in the workplace. Based on the authors’ 40+ combined years of experience, this book helps you meet today’s employees’ most urgent needs, while benefitting your organization in real and measurable ways.

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