Deloitte and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Solutions for state and local governments

Whether moving data, applications, or full-scale enterprise systems, Deloitte is dedicated to helping clients understand and apply flexible cloud services that minimize risk and meet constrained IT budgets.

Deloitte and AWS help bring cloud solutions to the public sector

Deloitte designs, deploys, and manages cloud infrastructure across state, local government, universities, non-governmental organization (NGO), and non-profit organizations. Deloitte's public sector solutions and leading practices are designed to help clients meet government compliance and security requirements while helping to reduce risk and leverage investments.

Deloitte's cloud transformation services and consultative, business-led approach have attracted a wealth of clients in the public sector who seek to modernize IT infrastructures through agile DevOps and governance leading practices. From strategy to implementation and managed services, Deloitte equips clients with the tools to harness the power of the cloud and reimagine government for the future.

Why is Deloitte positioned to serve government clients?
Deloitte holds a multi-year contract award for public cloud hosting with the NASPO ValuePoint Cooperative Purchasing Organization (formerly WSCA-NASPO) to provide leading cloud computing solutions to state governments and other qualified public-sector entities.

This contract offers a broad range of choices for cloud services from industry leading vendors, like Amazon Web Services, under the following categories:

  • Cloud hosting
  • Cloud provisioning services
  • Consulting and design services

All of the familiar cloud solutions are available:

  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Data as a Service
  • Platform as a Service
  • Software as a Service

The overall goal of the contract is to enable public-sector entities to take advantage of the innovation, uptime, and low cost that the cloud can provide in a secure and affordable way.

Cloud services on AWS

AWS state government success story

A state's IT department contracted with Deloitte to implement a comprehensive statewide cloud infrastructure services capability based on leading cloud management and governance practices. This project created a cloud services environment that enabled state agencies to effectively use advanced infrastructure services enabled through Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The aim of this project was to streamline and automate operational processes and provide standardized platform solutions in order to improve speed and consistency of IT system deployments. As the central technology provider for the state, the IT department enabled cloud infrastructure to be made available for consumption by all executive state agencies as an alternative to traditional on premise data center services.

The statement of work included overall cloud architecture and design of a statewide cloud infrastructure service, implementation of the architecture and services, and on-going operations support for an initial five agencies. Additionally, Deloitte developed a Cloud Center of Excellence where standards in cloud technology and services are maintained and supported to guide agencies to adopt state cloud services capability.

The project included the following six major tasks:
  • Task 1: Requirements gathering and AWS education
  • Task 2: Develop governance framework
  • Task 3: Security and reference architecture
  • Task 4: Implementation of core enterprise cloud services
  • Task 5: Product evaluation of management tools
  • Task 6: Facilitate and support deployed cloud services projects

Value: This project has allowed the state to create standardized cloud technologies, processes, and cost optimization service options to be made available to all state agencies, and municipal governments. This success is evidenced by the early adopter agencies for which Deloitte provided design, implementation, and management services in AWS.