The Deloitte Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Solution

Reaching customers and tailoring the message to where and when they want it

Mobile and social technologies have introduced more options for consumers to interact with businesses, creating new opportunities as well as new challenges in the area of customer care. Businesses that operate across multiple sales channels, such as online and retail stores, and utilize reseller distribution channels can have difficulty delivering a consistent customer experience across the various customer touch points.

Helping you get more value from your customer interactions

In these multichannel environments, customer data is often spread throughout numerous systems that span the different organizations that interact with the customer. This makes it difficult for customer service representatives to access customer data and leaves them with an incomplete picture of the customer’s contacts with the business.

Forward-thinking business executives are looking for ways to consolidate their customer data and create a customer experience that is consistent regardless of channel.

Transforming CRM and digital marketing by embedding digital content

Our Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Solution can help you in your efforts to build strong customer relationships with deep loyalty by engaging with customers in the right ways at the right times. The goal is to help you create a holistic view of your customers by consolidating all of your channels, platforms, and customer data repositories into a unified view of the customer that includes a history of the customer’s requests and behaviors, as well as a single source for customer records.

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