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Preparing students for careers in professional services

​The Deloitte Foundation sponsors an array of education programs designed to benefit students in middle/high school, as well as college undergraduates and graduates. Since 1928, foundation initiatives have engaged students from across the US to develop the talent of the future in audit, advisory, tax, and consulting.

Student Case Study Competitions

​The Foundation introduces relevant real-world experience to students through its case study programs for undergraduate, graduate, and MBA students. Funded through contributions from retired partners, principals, and managing directors of Deloitte LLP and its affiliates, the Foundation sponsors student case study competitions in the areas of audit, advisory, tax, and consulting, with scholarships awarded to top achievers. More than 1,800 students participate annually in the competitions. The events provide students with the opportunity to not only explore the types of practical issues that our professionals encounter every day, but also to experience aspects of the professional working environment, including group dynamics, and communication and interpersonal skills. The competitions are:

National Audit Innovation Campus Challenge
This national educational event is sponsored by the Deloitte Foundation. The program is designed to offer students the opportunity to put their skills and experience to work by responding to an innovative audit challenge statement.

Cyber Threat Competition
The Deloitte Foundation Cyber Threat Competition is facilitated by Deloitte Advisory cyber risk services practice to help college students develop the skills needed to address increasingly sophisticated cyber risks in the marketplace. The program creates a collaborative structure where both talented students and premier schools can build cyber security subject matter specialization, and provide an educational venue for students to apply theory and practical skills related to cyber security.

FanTAXtic National Case Study Competition
Sponsored by Deloitte Tax LLP with program management support by the Deloitte Foundation, Deloitte FanTAXtic is designed to familiarize students with the tax profession early in their academic careers. The interactive case study competition includes case simulation, role playing, and presentations to help students better understand the types of experiences and business challenges they can expect from a career in tax.

MBA National Case Competition
Sponsored by Deloitte Consulting LLP and the foundation, this event brings together students from top-tier MBA programs to test their critical thinking and business knowledge through a case simulation of a topical, complex business issue.

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Youth programs

RightStep empowers future leaders
RightStep is Deloitte’s strategy to address education needs across America. Through collaboration with education organizations as well as donations from Deloitte professionals who contributed to the new RightStep Deloitte Foundation Education Fund, the program provides time, talent, and resources to help low-income students prepare for and persist through high school and college, then transition to a career. The RightStep Virtual Mentoring Program sponsored by the foundation pairs Deloitte professionals with students in underserved communities across the US Approximately 500 Deloitte professionals are currently serving as virtual mentors to help students with such transitions as the college application process.

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