Sculpting the future of internal audit

How CAEs can carve out a resilient, transformed function

How can chief audit executives (CAEs) establish a compelling vision for internal audit that enables the broader enterprise to build the resilience needed to navigate this environment—all while enhancing trust, increasing value, and building preparedness for the unexpected? Hear what CAEs at Deloitte’s recent CAEdge Summit had to say about the future of internal audit.

How Internal Audit 4.0 can help raise the resilience quotient

As the world and business community continue to evolve at lightning speed, with stakeholder expectations becoming broader and more complex, CAEs are faced with a myriad of questions to forge a futuristic internal audit (IA) function and approach with the right agility to address emerging risks. We explored these topics with 65 CAEs at Deloitte’s recent CAEdge Summit held at Deloitte University. We debated emerging trends, discussed how leadership needs to evolve in response, and considered how CAEs need to adapt their vision for the IA function to effectively address these trends. We learned seven key principles that CAEs should consider to make a bigger impact by building enterprise resilience through the adoption of IA 4.0.

Take a deep dive into the key principles below and see how they come together to embody IA 4.0, our purpose-driven, digitally powered framework designed to elevate internal audit. Additionally, the full report is available in downloadable format via the button to the right.

Building enterprise resilience through Internal Audit 4.0

Seven pieces of the puzzle, one complete picture: IA 4.0

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We help our clients to elevate their impact by infusing value at every stage of the internal audit process. Driven by a vision for forging the Internal Audit function of tomorrow, Deloitte Internal Audit cultivates trust, leveraging digital and technology enablers along with world-class methods and practices to deliver business outcomes that matter.

Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory’s Accounting & Internal Controls practice stays ahead of trends and has the vision to translate them to value. Our tech-savvy risk and finance professionals have the capabilities, at scale, to help you deliver your most complex digital transformations with exceptional quality. And, we have the industry acumen to apply technology innovations to drive the business outcomes that matter most.

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