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Five insights on cross-border internal corporate investigations

Managing the unique challenges of global investigations

Cross-border internal corporate investigations, as compared with their domestic counterparts, can pose several unique challenges—from language barriers to cultural differences. How can businesses carry out global investigations in a thorough and effective manner? Our report outlines five insights that help shed light on the key challenges.

The current landscape of global investigations

Increased globalization and scrutiny from regulators outside the United States continue to focus on concern about fraud and corruption. Approximately 97 percent of respondents queried during a recent Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) Global Fraud Conference anticipate an increase in cross-border internal corporate investigations in the coming years. This statistic indicates that fraud and corruption are issues that are likely here to stay.

The implications for global corporations are important, as Kyle Sheahan, partner at the international law firm of King & Spalding LLP, explains: “Multinational organizations must form a global view of any potential misconduct because enforcement authorities are working across borders to do exactly that.” When compared to their domestic counterparts, cross-border internal corporate investigations can present challenges. And the unpredictability of these inquiries makes it almost impossible to apply a one-size-fits-all approach.

When asked about the biggest challenges their organizations face in conducting effective cross-border internal corporate investigations, respondents at the ACFE conference indicated:

  • Limited internal investigatory resources
  • Differences in local language
  • Business customs or culture
  • Availability and accessibility of electronic data

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Five insights on cross-border investigations

Common challenges in cross-border internal corporate investigations

Explore five insights on cross-border internal corporate investigations

Keeping cross-border internal corporate investigations on track

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to global investigations. The actions required to make an investigation successful can vary depending on any number of factors, including the nature of the underlying allegations, the location of the alleged misconduct, and the type of organization itself.

Once investigations cross international borders, these nuances can multiply quickly. It’s critical that companies invest sufficient time and resources to fully understand, prepare for, and respond to these complexities in order to navigate their way to a successful outcome.

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