Cybersecurity and privacy in the future of health

Can there be a future of health without the privacy and security of data?

The life sciences and health care industry is on the brink of large-scale disruption. The future of health will be driven by greater data connectivity and increasing consumer engagement. Protecting safety and privacy of data is critical.

The evolving role of cybersecurity in health care

Imagine a world where you wake up every morning and your personalized device tells you exactly which supplements to take based on your nutrition, environment, activity, and stress levels over the past week. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), your device can proactively tell you when you may be coming down with the flu, when you need more sleep, and when your speech patterns or behaviors suggest that you’re at risk for a health disorder.

Health care is evolving into a new era where nearly everything is connected through digital technologies to meet the common goal of improving the way health care is delivered to patients. In this future, there is no more guessing; consumers will know how to take their health into their own hands. Underlying all of these exciting developments is cyber. It’s truly everywhere. And the risks surrounding it will only increase as the future of health takes shape. This report takes a critical look at the future of health through the lens of cyber risk. We explore six key factors driving cyber in the future of health, along with the cybersecurity considerations that accompany them and the steps leaders can take to help manage these evolving risks.

The future of cyber in the future of health

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Privacy Is indispensable in the future of health

Rapid changes in care delivery to respond to COVID-19 may accelerate the industry’s efforts to protect patients’ privacy. In fact, consumers and regulators are likely to demand it.

As in many other industries, digital technology, cloud-based computing, and AI are poised to transform the health care industry. The global pandemic has accelerated the adoption of many of these technologies. However, as in all business models that rely on aggregation and dissemination of data—in this case, confidential personal health information—the ability of the industry to protect patient privacy is paramount.

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Organizations with a stake in the movement toward a more digitally enabled health delivery system may have to commit themselves to addressing privacy issues as an important foundational step.

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Seismic Shifts webcast: Data privacy and cybersecurity

In this rapidly changing world in which life sciences and health care organizations are facing everything from fast-moving technological advancements to a global pandemic, the mitigation of risk is one of the keys to survival and success. In this four-part series of webinars for life sciences and health care professionals, we dive into critical areas that will likely transform health care as we know it – and discuss what organizations can do today to prepare for tomorrow.

During this webcast, our speakers cover:

  • The importance of managing data privacy and cybersecurity risks as organizations move toward the health care delivery model of the future
  • How user experience is evolving to become consumer-centric as consumers are more actively controlling their health care through apps and websites
  • The need for privacy programs to adapt to a fast-paced, innovative environment and address the changing health care landscape
  • Why cyber capabilities will need to be revisited as the importance of data privacy in health care continues to grow

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Cyber is everywhere

In a world where cyber is everywhere and the connectedness of networks, machines, and devices is saving lives and improving patient care, how are we helping to secure the future of health?

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