Doing More With Less in Government Agencies


Doing more with less in government agencies

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H​ow do government agencies conserve resources while addressing heavier caseloads, increasing demands for eDiscovery, and growing volumes of Electronically Stored Information (ESI)? Here are five ways that government agencies can deal with resource issues while addressing demands for ESI and the challenges of eDiscovery.

Are you prepared when it comes to eDiscovery?

In the early days of e-discovery, agencies often did not have the expertise or experience to respond to requests for ESI. But now expectations have changed, agencies are increasingly expected to fulfill such requests, and the team supporting these efforts is expected to be trained and knowledgeable. Almost 90 percent of participants in the Deloitte survey felt adequately prepared to discuss e-discovery matters with opposing counsel, yet a growing number of respondents felt less confident than a year before about their ability to manage e-discovery.

Doing more with less in government agencies

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