Whistleblowing in the wake of COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has created economic uncertainty, prompted new stimulus programs, and even changed the nature of the workplace itself. These trends, along with renewed public scrutiny of corporate misconduct, have created fertile ground for fraud and whistleblowing. In this collection of 5x5 articles, we explore the implications for compliance executives and actions they can take to help their organizations adapt.

A new whistleblower environment emerges

Fraud and whistleblowing are on an upswing as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. At the same time, the remote workplace has introduced a range of compliance risks and the federal government has issued new guidance on corporate compliance programs. In this installment of our 5x5 series, we share insights on what’s driving the new environment and strategies to pursue in response.

Preparing for investigations in the new whistleblower environment

Many companies have a general ethics and personal conduct policy, with HR on point for internal investigations. But between an uptick in whistleblowing and the ongoing deluge of data post-COVID-19, these measures may no longer be adequate. Here’s what compliance executives should consider amid potentially significant new risks and opportunities for compliance programs.

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