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Finance discipline 5x5: The finance function of the future

Actionable insights for the future of corporate finance

When future economic results rest on the shoulders of the finance function, an operating discipline that optimizes performance is essential against an uncertain environment. Our finance discipline series outlines how organizations can develop a finance function of the future that enables more agile and resilient management disciplines and to conclude the journey, we incorporate the series into actionable insights to take now for a new finance discipline.

When financial performance and future planning rests on the shoulders of the finance function, creating a culture and operating discipline now that elevates performance in the long term is vital.

Our series on creating a transformative finance discipline took a deep dive into each step on the journey to these new integrated models. In part I, we offered insights into the need for these new finance disciplines to optimize performance. Part II highlighted the methodologies for developing resilient scenarios—the first step to optimizing finance performance. In part III, the next step to creating more finance discipline, we discussed creating capital agility now and more capital resilience for the future, and in part IV, we introduced analytics capabilities for each scenario to inform new data- and scenario-driven statistical forecast models.

To recap the scope of the finance discipline journey, this quick summary provides some business insights and actions you can take to create new finance and operating disciplines guided by scenario planning, working capital liquidity, and predictive forecasting to manage risk, inform strategy, and find opportunities to get a better handle on the unpredictable future of finance.

Finance discipline 5x5: Insights and actions

5 insights and 5 actions