Corporate Development

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​ As the pace of competitive change accelerates, Corporate Development is becoming a strategic necessity. Organizations need to be nimble in anticipating growth opportunities and competitive disruption, leveraging scarce resources and diversifying risk. Flexibility is critical as companies will need to be able to adapt their strategies in real time to avoid being left behind. Deloitte’s professionals explore Corporate Development issues as part of our focus on mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

Corporate development strategy: Thriving in your business ecosystem

In corporate development, traditional dealmaking approaches may no longer be enough to create the desired value and manage potential activism. Companies today need agility, fresh thinking, and a high tolerance for disruption to seize market opportunities in areas where new business models are still being defined.

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Corporate Development 2013 – Pushing boundaries in M&A

In the 2013 Corporate Development survey report, 435 survey respondents told us about aspects of deal-making they’d like to see improved—forecasting and the M&A decision process—and some of the ways they’re currently pursuing innovation through the use of analytics and corporate venture funds. With them, we look at how new technologies have already taken hold, and where they may have the most powerful effect on M&A in the years ahead. As disruptive technologies reshape the deal-making process, corporate development executives are gaining access to a wealth of opportunities to create competitive advantages.

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Deloitte helps global pharmaceutical company enhance corporate development competitiveness

A global pharmaceutical company wanted to better position itself as an “acquirer of choice.” Doing so meant enhancing its business development organization to more efficiently and effectively analyze alliance and acquisition opportunities. Deloitte conducted a strategic analysis of their business development organization and processes and helped the company understand the leading practices of similarly positioned companies.