Right-sized response to production of information

A Government Perspective

Federal agencies and departments routinely receive requests to produce information from a variety of sources. A query can come through a subpoena or discovery motion, a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) action, or a Congressional or administrative record request, to name a few. Whoever asks for the information, and whether the information pertains to a contract, a legal action, a human resources or environmental issue, or something else, it is vital to provide a timely, orderly and thoughtful response. It’s a lot to get done. But you don’t have to go it alone. Deloitte Discovery helps you address risk as you fulfill the diverse and growing information requests made of your organization, whether large or small, simple or complex. Our time-tested, technology-enabled approach to eDiscovery supports you across the query response continuum or at any step of it–from initial request, data collection, and data preservation to processing, review and analysis, redaction, production, and preservation.

Expanding demand

Several factors fuel the steady increase in information requests fielded by agencies. Advances in information technology have made it easier for individuals and organizations to research issues and mount requests. Data volumes continue to grow inexorably. Judges, FOIA requestors, Congress, and plaintiffs are demanding more timely responses.

Whatever the situation, Deloitte is equipped and ready to work with you across the request-response continuum. We bring a standardized, tested approach and workflow to every assignment, tailored to your particular requirements.

Deloitte Federal Government Discovery Services

​Flexible, targeted support

Deloitte provides the services you need, the way you want them. We can develop a comprehensive approach to the breadth of your information collection and production requirements. Or, you can select services ala carte to address certain aspects of readying a response.

We’ll work in the manner that best fits your requirements, preferences, and budget. Our specialists can provide services onsite at your location or remotely. We can employ proprietary Deloitte tools or tailor tools you may already have. Or we can help you evaluate various technologies available today–we are not tied to any single vendor or type of technology, but we do have experience with most existing discovery-related technologies, including the latest analytics tools and techniques. If you have a high volume of small cases, we can help streamline processes and create a case pipeline. If it’s a big case, we have the specialized knowledge to help you approach it efficiently and confidently.

Superior capabilities, deep experience

Deloitte professionals have extensive experience working with federal agencies and departments on both large and small projects, delivering end-to-end support using established methodologies adaptable to your needs. We develop and deploy analytics-powered workflows with demonstrated cost reductions, offer leading practices, and provide process controls over the many events and activities.

Our commitment to innovation includes application of evolving technologies and predictive analytics to improve workflow management. We implement fresh ideas and leading practices to meet the changing needs of the discovery process.

To protect your valuable data, our culture places a priority on information security. And, we own and operate a highly secure, scalable infrastructure built to Tier III and IV specifications.

Your trustworthy, capable discovery partner

Whether expansive or simple, serious or routine, information requests from disparate quarters require the attention of federal agencies and departments. And, they can overwhelm an organization’s resources. Deloitte offers the people, processes and tools to help you address these demands with the right information, at the right time, in a way that meets everyone’s needs.

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