Restructuring Advisory Services

Deloitte CRG

Working collaboratively with management, we utilize the resources in Deloitte CRG as well as Deloitte’s global footprint to provide our client the “right” professionals to meet any challenges.

Our extensive operating experience infused into the unique restructuring setting has proven invaluable to our clients in developing strategies and creating and implementing the operational turnaround plan that serves as the cornerstone of any restructuring.

Deloitte CRG provides companies undergoing transformational change with a combination of highly specialized restructuring professionals operating within a global network of financial, operational, and industry-specific experts. 

Restructuring Advisory

Relying on our deep operational turnaround and performance improvement experience, Deloitte CRG works with your management team to identify, develop and implement strategic operational and financial improvement initiatives that significantly reduce costs and increase revenues. We combine practical operational experience with sound restructuring experience to create financial and operational solutions that provide for a successful restructuring.

Turnaround/Interim Management

When faced with strategic and tactical challenges, companies can adapt faster by bolstering internal resources with additional experience and talent. Working side-by-side with your management team, Deloitte CRG provides the practical knowledge and fresh perspective to help quickly plan and then implement a comprehensive and sustainable turnaround plan, no matter how constrained liquidity and time might be. In the appropriate circumstances, our professionals serve as the Chief Restructuring Officer, with the charter to manage the restructuring process, allowing the management team to focus on critical day-to-day affairs of the business.

Performance Improvement

At any stage of your company’s evolution, Deloitte CRG can help improve operating performance. Working with your management team, our dedicated professionals quickly and comprehensively evaluate your business, identify opportunities for improvement and customize solutions that quickly drive measurable results. With decades of experience spanning nearly all industries, our professional can design and implement solutions covering a variety of needs. From optimizing inventories for distribution businesses and weeding out unprofitable product lines for manufacturing operations to managing content flow for media organizations and optimizing menu development for restaurant chains, among other performance-enhancing strategies.

Crisis Management

At Deloitte CRG, our professionals have extensive experience helping companies through times of change or crisis. Our history of advising and operating businesses with limited resources in time constrained environments enables our experts to quickly and efficiently evaluate and assist your company. Deloitte CRG professionals assess your company’s immediate liquidity position and determine short term solutions to stabilize your business quickly through cash conservation and revenue generation. We develop and implement short term action plans that address the critical needs facing the organization and provide the opportunity to implement long term strategic, operational, and capital structure solutions.

Bankruptcy Advisory

The bankruptcy process offers an opportunity to address the strategic, operational and financial problems of an organization. Deloitte CRG professionals can assist your company in all phases of the bankruptcy process: pre-bankruptcy strategy and planning, operational initiatives and action plans to address your unique operational challenges, comprehensive communication programs for your company’s vendors, customers and employees and assisting with reporting compliance and Plan of Reorganization development.

Communication Programs

At Deloitte CRG, we believe effective and consistent communication programs are critical to operating a business in a distressed environment. We develop comprehensive communication programs that target the specific challenges facing your company’s customers, vendors and employees to provide continued support of the operation of your business. Our programs provide your constituencies and advisors the critical, timely information that enables them to make informed business decisions consistent with your company’s reorganization goals.


  • Restructuring Advisory
  • Turnaround/Interim Management
  • Performance Improvement
  • Crisis Management
  • Bankruptcy Advisory
  • Communication Programs