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Corporate Turnaround Management Services

Improving business performance with a customized turnaround strategy

When faced with strategic and tactical challenges, companies turn to Deloitte Turnaround & Restructuring. Drawing on our deep operational, financial, and industry-specific experience, we design and implement practical, customized turnaround management solutions that improve business performance and establish a strong foundation for future growth.

Turnaround strategies that deliver necessary and lasting change

Working side-by-side with your management team, Deloitte Turnaround & Restructuring (Deloitte T&R) provides the practical knowledge and fresh perspective to help quickly plan and implement a comprehensive and sustainable corporate turnaround strategy, despite constrained liquidity and time. We fashion short-term “quick-hit” action plans to stabilize our clients, and then build on those first steps to craft longer-term turnaround strategies that will yield lasting change.

Successful corporate turnaround strategies also require support from the company’s stakeholders—we pride ourselves on our success in building that consensus that allows a turnaround plan to move forward unimpeded. This is accomplished by engaging all parties and openly communicating goals, actions, timelines, and milestones of the plan.

Let us help you develop a new direction for your organization. We invite you to explore the various elements of our turnaround management experience.


Turnaround Management services

Liquidity Management
When faced with liquidity constraints, an organization has little time and fewer options. Deloitte T&R brings a practical and responsive approach to liquidity management in cash-constrained environments. We understand that cash management and cash forecasting serve as the basis for successful operational and financial restructurings. Our professionals have extensive experience managing tight liquidity for a myriad of large, complex restructurings both domestically and internationally. The metrics and tools we develop have served as the foundation for operational and financial turnaround management efforts across a diverse array of industries.

Working Capital Improvement
Efficient working capital management is of the utmost importance and central to an organization’s operational health. We have extensive experience in developing and implementing working capital improvement programs that are designed to help organizations reduce working capital requirements and improve liquidity positions. Working with a multitude of large and small clients across various industries, we utilize our accelerators (such as LiquidityIQTM) to develop insights that can assist your organization to fundamentally enhance its processes, policies, procedures, and technology to enable improved working capital management.

Crisis Management
At Deloitte Turnaround & Restructuring, our professionals have extensive experience helping companies through times of change or crisis and guiding their restructuring strategies. Our history of advising and operating businesses with limited resources in time-constrained environments allows our experts to quickly and efficiently evaluate and assist your company. Deloitte T&R professionals assess your company’s immediate liquidity position and determine short-term solutions to stabilize your business quickly through cash conservation and revenue generation. We develop and implement short-term action plans that address the critical needs facing the organization and provide the opportunity to implement long-term strategic, operational, and capital structure solutions.

Interim Management
Deloitte T&R provides experienced executives to assume management roles, including the role of the chief restructuring officer, on an interim basis as the need arises. At a moment’s notice, our seasoned professionals will work with your executives to build a strong and focused turnaround strategy team, establish clean and attainable goals, and provide the basis for a strong future. We have extensive experience serving senior executive roles in a variety of industries and organizations. All of our senior executives possess a keen sense of urgency and understand that, in our changing economic times, businesses must adapt quickly to the global marketplace.

Operational Improvement
Deloitte Turnaround & Restructuring operational improvement experience spans a diverse range of issues and industries—from increasing inventory turnover for distribution centers and culling unprofitable product lines in manufacturing operations to exiting unprofitable locations and optimizing the sales force. Our Turnaround Management services for operational improvement include:

  • Supply chain management
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Lean and Six Sigma
  • Process improvement
  • Manufacturing optimization

Revenue Enhancement
Deloitte T&R views revenue growth as a crucial element of an organization’s success. We assist your management team in developing and implementing sales programs that lead to a substantial increase in revenue. Our experienced professionals plan and execute revenue enhancement programs by applying our deep operational disciplines to the areas of product development, new product roll outs, market penetration, and new market development. Our mission is to help you drive profitability.

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