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Reduced audit burden

Achieving a higher quality, more insightful audit shouldn’t take more effort from you. Through focus, flexibility, and advanced audit technology, Deloitte Omnia delivers more relevant insights, all while reducing the burden on your team.
Discover the benefits of
a more focused audit
Discover the benefits of
a more focused audit

Deeper insights

Insights come in many shapes and sizes. Deloitte Omnia produces insights that are tailored for your specific business and the industry it operates in. This focused approach enhances audit quality and improves your overall experience.
Learn how we make
the most of your data
Learn how we make
the most of your data

A smarter audit

Driving value through a high‑quality audit is not only what we do, it's in our DNA. Our diverse and highly skilled teams are constantly analyzing changes in your risk profile to focus on the unique risks facing your business.
Find out how
we do it
Find out how
we do it

Reduced burden

Smart automation

Our audit technology enables a more seamless exchange of information and efficient and innovative workflow management, and allows us to pinpoint risks in large data populations, giving you and your team more time to focus on what matters.

Unparalleled transparency

Our secure, global online portal lets you access alerts, requests, and up-to-the moment progress reports through intuitively designed dashboards.

Putting your data to work

We integrate your data with our analytics engine to securely and seamlessly home in on risks, identify outliers, and generate insights. That means you spend less time wrangling data and more time putting it to work.

Deeper insights

Identifying what matters

Our advanced analysis looks for hidden patterns, trends, and risks in your large data sets and journal entry populations. Additionally, we can curate publicly available financial information, such as disclosures and SEC comment letters, to perform more comprehensive risk assessments, and deliver industry benchmarking, perspective and visualizations.

Harnessing your data

By securely and seamlessly integrating data acquisition with our analytics engine, Deloitte Omnia can help unlock the true potential of your data. In other words, we help you zero in on the insights that can truly make a difference.

A smarter audit

Digitizing the process

Our audit technology allows us to quickly process, highlight, and make sense of key information in your documents. We’re also able to home in on higher risks with advanced document interrogation and analysis capabilities, while we perform digital inspections that transmit results in near real-time.

Focus on what matters

Deloitte Omnia taps into a vast network of specialists and equips them with the tools and information they need to deliver high-quality audits tailored to your individual business. We focus on what matters in the audit, so you can focus on what matters to you.

“Deloitte uses superior advanced analytics, big data manipulation, and AI to facilitate efficient and painless data access and analysis of huge data sets. This has enabled our Deloitte audit team to pinpoint the key audit risk areas and target their testing accordingly. Not only has this resulted in less work for my team, but more importantly has helped provide insights on business trends and relationships that otherwise would not have surfaced.”

— CFO, FTSE 100 company

An audit that evolves with your business

Your audit should have the flexibility to adapt with you. Deloitte Omnia takes a focused approach to your business and industry to deliver a high‑quality digital audit, so you can spend more time on what matters.

Discover centralized global audit coordination

A multinational company may have dozens or even hundreds of audits going on, making visibility and coordination complex.

Using Deloitte Omnia, our professionals can develop a streamlined process to coordinate audits worldwide. Deloitte Omnia manages audit requests, timelines, and deliverables, providing you transparency throughout the process.

Centralized management means fewer ad hoc data requests, greater insight into each audit’s status and reporting timeline, and the ability to issue reports more efficiently.

Keep tabs on your audit’s progress

Looking for more frequent visibility into your audit’s progress? Manually compiled status reports can be cumbersome to maintain.

When our audit professionals use Deloitte Omnia, they have access to cloud-based dashboards that make project plan tracking easy and transparent. Updates are in real-time thanks to cloud-based project plan functionality.

Better status tracking enables more timely communication between you and your Deloitte audit team. As a result, you get a smoother audit process and less burden on your team.

First-time Sarbanes-Oxley adoption

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance is a requirement for many publicly held companies, and those preparing for it for the first time can find it challenging to keep up with all the moving parts.

At the outset of testing, the Deloitte team builds out a project plan for the SOX controls determined to be in scope, including major milestones.

This crisper, more organized audit experience offers you visibility and helps plan effectively for the year-end close.

Experience an efficient audit of your internal controls

An audit of internal controls can require walking your auditor through business processes and providing various forms of documents to evidence the operation of controls.

But with Deloitte Omnia, our auditors can develop an understanding of your controls in advance. Omnia’s capabilities can scan through process documentation to automatically identify the design characteristics of the controls.

The potential result? Less strain on company resources, and more insights.

A 177-year history of innovation

Deloitte’s commitment to innovation is at the heart of how we strive to exceed our clients’ needs. Omnia’s capabilities are recognized for its ability to help provide a streamlined, digitized, and more transparent audit.

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