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Shaping the future of audit

Audit quality is timeless and will always be essential. Your audit should also provide you insights that facilitate your adaptation to change. Bright minds, a flexible methodology and world-class audit technology come together to deliver smarter audits, time and time again. It’s what sets us apart.

Deloitte wins 2022 Digital Innovation of the Year award

Deloitte’s Omnia ESG Module was named Digital Innovation of the Year by the International Accounting Bulletin at The International Accounting Forum and Awards 2022. This is the third consecutive year that Deloitte has received this award. It comes at a time when Deloitte is building upon years of sustainability experience including an investment of $1 billion in client-related services, data-driven research, and assets and capabilities.

The Omnia ESG Module is an insight-fueled platform that helps professionals provide ESG reporting readiness and assurance with quality and agility. Its materiality assessment function pulls together critical information to pinpoint top ESG priorities to stakeholders. Machine learning tools help map a disclosure assessment, turning an onerous reconciliation into a data-driven decision-making process. Our disclosures checklist organizes the various ESG standards for streamlined evaluations and eye-opening insights.

Through it all, we benchmark. Powered by a proprietary data lake, our technology creates a database of disclosures to help us identify gaps and create additional insights.

With the Omnia ESG Module, our professionals advise, evaluate, and assure with new speed and perspective. It provides:

  • A singular experience that brings together tasks once handled by multiple individuals across numerous channels
  • Leading-edge technology solutions that reduce manual processes and let us and our clients focus on quality including what matters most to stakeholders
  • Data-driven insights that widen our view of client’s ESG disclosures

Deloitte’s Omnia ESG Module works to cut through the confusion of competing standards and differing regulations to drive quality, trust, consistency and insights.


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Multi-channel data gathering


Instantaneous data visualization

A more focused approach enables a smarter audit

Audit quality is as vital today as ever.

Deloitte uses experienced professionals, a flexible methodology, and advanced technology for higher audit quality, reducing your team’s burden and uncovering insights.

Embracing the power of data, automating manual processes, and centralizing project management enables us to deliver a more focused audit—one that’s customized for your business. This Deloitte audit is not only appreciated by our clients; it is also earning accolades around the industry.

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We’re proud to be recognized by the International Accounting Bulletin, for our commitment to truly innovating how organizations manage their ESG goals and reporting and creating solutions that empower our clients to deliver trust and transparency to their stakeholders. We believe in a sustainable and transformative future powered by trust and transparency, where people and the planet prosper together.

—Jon Raphael, National Managing Partner - Transformation and Assurance (ESG), Deloitte & Touche LLP


Recognized for redefining the audit

Deloitte’s technology and services are changing the way businesses view their audit—and winning awards for it. We’re particularly proud of being recognized as:

The winner of the Audit Innovation of the Year award by The International Accounting Bulletin (2015, 2018, 2020, 2021 and 2022)


The No. 1 firm overall on Accounting Today’s list of Top 100 firms (2019 - 2022)


One of the Top 50 Accounting Firms by Vault (2018, 2019, and 2020)


One of Accounting Today’s 2020 Best Firms for Technology


The Best Private Client Audit Firm by Private Asset Management Awards (2018)


The Best Audit Firm, Alt Credit Intelligence US Services Awards (2019 and 2020)


As we move toward an increasingly digital world, we will continue to invest in innovation, transformation, and emerging technologies that deliver greater quality, insights, and value to our clients and the capital markets. A Deloitte audit is committed to achieving and surpassing today’s quality standard and to continue to raise the bar for tomorrow. This relentless pursuit of driving value defines not just what we do, but who we are.

We focus on what matters, so you can too.

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