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Career Journey: Hernan De la Torre

Passion leads to impactful career path

Hernan De la Torre had no doubt he’d be a leader of global consequence, but the people he’s met, places he’s traveled, and projects he’s enabled go beyond his wildest childhood dreams.

As a kid growing up in Ecuador, I thought I would become the country’s president one day because what drives me is to bring value to others and provide resolutions to challenging problems. Instead, I have taken my passions and found a different yet rewarding path to make an impact on the world.

— Hernan De la Torre, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Bringing insights and experience to his clients

At Deloitte, Hernan is an SAP and supply chain professional working mostly with retail, manufacturing and consumer products clients. This includes managing large SAP implementations, which has given him the opportunity to travel the world and help improve the processes and technology that enormous enterprises depend on.

The work Hernan does may shave seconds or minutes off daily tasks for his clients, but added up over thousands of employees and many years, the time (and hassle) savings have provided huge impacts. It’s just the kind of difference he hoped to make in his career, using technology to analyze and help reduce inefficiencies.

Start with a handshake, sometimes a bow

Hernan may believe that technology can tackle and improve the knottiest of problems, but to him, the tools are meaningless without the relationships surrounding them. His role involves as much interpersonal skills as it does data and business design. Hernan appreciates the value of learning the specific customs and styles that unofficially govern business, and, as such, has helped clients in more than 20 countries. In his experience, the decision-making process can be different from one country to the next, with some processes involving lengthy pre-conversations but firm decisions, and other processes being more fluid and dynamic. That’s not frustrating to Hernan, though; he loves learning the styles of his clients and colleagues both, no matter the global coordinates.

Leadership goals realized

Hernan chooses to work for Deloitte because his early vision of leadership is truly fulfilled in his role. As a senior manager, he also has responsibilities in deepening client relationships, pursuing new business, and helping develop Deloitte’s SAP sourcing and procurement offering. All of the work blends his love of science and precision with his interest in people and their motivations; all of which is hugely rewarding to him.

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