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Career Journey: Jen Juneau

Sky's the limit at Deloitte

“One of the things that is so fascinating and so exciting about what I do at the Greenhouse is that it’s absolutely essential to diagnose and understand the human factors behind what's really going on.” — Jen Juneau, Deloitte Greenhouse, San Francisco

I don't think there's a single secret to being successful here. What's so great about Deloitte is that there are many paths you can take. It’s diverse and interconnected, and there's an inherent flexibility in the way we're organized.

Business Chemistry

Jen’s career can be summed up in four words—Start here. Go anywhere. Jen has worked with large health care clients in the US. She’s consulted for a large UK government organization out of Deloitte’s Brussels office. She helped develop the proprietary tool, Business Chemistry, which Deloitte uses to assess working styles within the organization. She’s launched Greenhouse Labs in Singapore and across Asia. She’s even sung along with a roomful of Filipino business professionals to Tammy Wynette’s “Stand by Your Man” during a facilitated session in Manila.

Today, Jen lives in San Francisco where she is a leader within Client Experiences, a program dedicated to improved interactions and relationships with clients. The Deloitte Greenhouse team develops custom, facilitated experiences to help Deloitte professionals and their clients address specific and highly challenging business issues. “The sessions are usually one or two days, but they take weeks to prepare,” Jen says. Labs are conducted in dedicated facilities around the world. Currently there are five Greenhouses in the US as well as locations in another 20 countries."

Dynamics within Deloitte

I thought I was going to be a scientist or a doctor and so when I got the offer, I said to myself ‘Well, I'm going to try Deloitte for a year.’ I actually started working with a large healthcare provider organization quite early and so what I saw was an intersection between science, medicine, and business that I was interested in and good at.

Succeeding at Deloitte

Jen’s learned much from her work. First, she’s been immersed in team dynamics and how they vary by culture. She says that just by looking at the expression on people’s faces during a lab she can tell where they are. “Based on my experience, I learned that, often, in Indonesia people have huge smiles on their faces, whereas typically in Singapore they are intently working on the assignment you gave them.” And in Japan where the culture is very hierarchical, she says, “you have to design labs carefully and be aware that, in general, everybody's looking to the most important person in the room.” Jen has also learned the dynamics within Deloitte, an understanding that’s driven the arc of her career in many ways. During 19 years in the organization, she’s switched from conducting direct client work as a consultant to enabling professionals to forge stronger relationships with important clients. She took two years off to earn her master’s, a benefit Deloitte sponsored. When she felt burnt out on one particularly travel-heavy assignment, she was shifted to a local one. And when her husband was transferred to Singapore, well, Deloitte transferred Jen, too. There, as a Deloitte Greenhouse professional she teamed up with the Deloitte Analytics Institute, facilitating labs across Asia.

Career Journey

She says that understanding what’s possible given the scope and scale of Deloitte, and clearly communicating your desires is the key. “I found myself in Singapore running a small Greenhouse and now I'm back here (in the US) running a team of more than 100 people.” She adds that at Deloitte, “The sky’s the limit.”

Jen’s industrious nature was apparent early on. “My dad thought it would be a good idea for me to get involved in restoring a car,” she remembers vividly. So at the age of 15, she resurrected a ’57 Volkswagen Bug from the heap. “I had to go out, talk to people and learn. I had to operate in a very male-dominated environment and just get things done.” A year and a half later she was taking the car to classic auto shows in California. Two decades on, through her work at Deloitte Greenhouse, Jen still tinkers, tunes, and engineers. Only on a much larger scale.

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