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A close-knit team

How one global intern found her place at Deloitte

June 7, 2023

As an intern with Deloitte & Touche LLP, Yesenia Rodriguez applied to a global internship to expand her experience during the summer. She was selected for the internship and traveled to Hyderabad, India for a month where she discovered her interest in cyber risk.

“I started my internship in IT Audit and when I was in India, I was in the cyber risk practice,” Yesenia said. “I was helping with cyber risk strategies and I found the work challenging and exciting.”

It wasn’t just the work that drew her in. “I was selected to go to India with nine other interns. There were people from New York, California, and Atlanta. I never thought I would be given an opportunity to go and work in a different country as an intern, meeting other interns from other cities.” She also connected really well with her colleagues in the India office. “My decision was pretty easy as to whether or not I would join Deloitte full-time.”

Upon graduation, Yesenia returned to Deloitte and jumped into her role with the Oracle Application Security practice. Her second project was with a global financial institution and the project was complex. “I had a great team that helped me for the first couple of months while I adjusted to how Deloitte works and how our practice works overall,” she said. “They were very responsive to my questions and I never felt daunted or scared to ask anything. I knew then I was working with a good group of people.”

What she loves most is being a part of a close-knit team. From supporting each other during projects to hosting training to develop new technical skills, Yesenia has had the opportunity to consistently learn and develop in the practice. “As I’ve grown, I’ve actually been able to train new hires within our practice. We’re a smaller practice and we pretty much all know each other. It’s really easy for us to reach out to one another if we’re facing an issue or encounter something we haven’t seen before.”

Yesenia encourages others to consider Deloitte because of the connections you can build. “We help each other out, we’re available for one another, and we take our lessons learned and provide that knowledge to the community in our practice. That’s what really makes the people and the practice I’m in right now so special.”

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