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Our interns' perspective: well-being at Deloitte

Insight on well-being from our 2018 Pioneer interns.

September 6, 2018

Working at one of the Big Four, such as Deloitte, can occasionally come with some stress. It’s important for organizations to make sure that its employees are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our Pioneer internship is a 6-week program offered to students that have just finished their freshman year of their undergraduate studies. Here, four of our 2018 Pioneer interns share their understanding of well-being here at Deloitte.

Why is Well Being Important to You?

Intern Landen Buckson described the importance of well-being, how it is necessary to him, and how it affects his day-to-day life.

Without my well-being I feel as though I wouldn’t be able to complete any tasks to the best of my ability, inside or outside of the workplace. I want to radiate my best energy around my peers and bring my best self to work every day.

Failure to take care of oneself may negatively impact a professional’s performance. Deloitte is an organization that prides itself in the outstanding output it provides to clients, and having drained employees in the work place could affect that.

With a high-performance environment comes the need for balance between work and personal life. Intern Justyce Riggs talks about how important outside activities are to her.

As an athlete, I am able to balance being healthy, spending time with my family, and enjoying life. What I love most outside of work is exercise and meditation. I can do this easily with the flexibility and well-being initiatives Deloitte offers.

 Being in an environment that supports well-being encourages her to pursue her interests while feeling enabled to do so.

How important is well-being at Deloitte and how have you seen leaders at Deloitte stress that importance?

As you look at the measures Deloitte takes to ensure employee well-being, it is very apparent that Deloitte cares about its employees. Intern Desiree Morrison discusses the way she’s experienced well-being encouragement during her time here at Deloitte.

Well-being is essential to Deloitte’s culture; it is built into the architecture of their buildings with walking desks, wellness rooms, and various amenities at Deloitte University.

Deloitte University (DU), located in Westlake, Texas, is known as being the leadership center for the organization, where professionals go to learn various things in order to help them in their professional development. Along with their top-notch gym, DU has numerous amenities to show how much they value their people.

When asked about well-being at Deloitte, intern Daniel Odera gave an example of an email received when he joined Deloitte.

I got an email a few weeks into my internship asking me how my energy levels had been throughout the past week. It surprised me; first, because I was an intern, and second, because sometimes you forget to take a step back and think about your energy levels and how that can affect the work you’re producing.

Receiving such a message is beneficial because people often forget to take breaks. It is also nice to have someone asking how you are doing and check up on you.

Learn more about the Pioneer Internship and well-being at Deloitte. .

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