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Who we are: Kimmy Talley

A journey to family and health

May 30, 2019

Families don't always come from the same walk of life, ours is one of those stories.

—Kimmy Talley, manager, marketing & communications, Deloitte Services LP, when reflecting on her family

Kimmy was adopted when she was 6 months old from Seoul, South Korea. "There's a stellar home video of all these babies getting wheeled out in strollers at John F. Kennedy International Airport, and parents meeting their kids for the first time," she said. "April 7 is known as my 'airplane day.' It's basically like a second birthday. Every year, my parents send me pink roses. As of this year, I've been in the US for 30 years!"

When she was 13, her parents adopted her sister, Yulia, who was 10, from Borovichi, Russia. "My sister and I aren't fazed by other cultures. It's just something that we've grown up with. As a New Year's Eve tradition, we used to make Korean and Russian cuisines to celebrate our heritage," Kimmy said. "It's something that I've carried with me and what makes me really appreciate Deloitte. This is the most diverse place that I've ever worked at. Our inclusive culture embraces all the different facets of what makes you a person. Deloitte makes it a priority and that feels really warm and welcoming."

Deloitte's culture of empowered well-being is also incredibly important to Kimmy both personally and professionally. 

When Kimmy was two, she was diagnosed with a form of cancer called clear-cell sarcoma of the kidney. "If I would have been in Korea, I probably wouldn't be here today," she said. "I had a kidney removed and I went through chemo and radiation. I was also a make-a-wish kid and my wish was to meet Pooh Bear and give him a kiss!"

For Kimmy, being healthy isn't simply a lifestyle or choice, but a necessity. "There are health effects that I have to continue to manage, but I'm thankful to have the support from my husband, family, and Deloitte. The benefits and flexibility we have here really are unparalleled to any other place I've worked at. The fact that our leaders emphasize putting your well-being first is something that immediately stood out to me when I first joined," Kimmy said.

She brings her passion for health and well-being to her work every day as the manager for Total Rewards communications. "I like to humanize the incredible benefits we have, demonstrate why they can make a difference, and how they can help you. They've had an impact on my life and I want to share that with others as well."


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