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You understand the very real dangers cyber threats pose and embrace the challenge of helping keep people and networks safe. We offer a wide array of opportunities to work with industry-leading clients and projects—and the technological resources to help them tackle their biggest challenges.

A role with Deloitte Cyber, isn’t just a career. It’s a calling. To help make the world more trustworthy, resilient, and secure. If you’re interested in joining a group of people who don’t just want to fix what’s broken but want to build something better, apply for a role with Deloitte Cyber.

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Cyber is all about managing risks and making careful decisions. If you bring that same thinking to your career, you’ll see the advantages Deloitte can offer. From the caliber of our clients and projects to the support and resources to make the most of your career, Deloitte offers the opportunities you may be looking for. Explore some of our top hiring areas and apply your experiences in new ways.

Application Security

Cyber controls and protocols protect organizations’ most sensitive assets while balancing their needs for productivity and business growth. Deloitte’s application security professionals have that in mind as we integrate cybersecurity controls and compliance activities to help clients protect enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and other core business applications. We assist our clients to transform their legacy programs into proactive risk programs by implementing controls and governance around the access employees, customers and others have to sensitive resources. We also help clients establish verification and authentication protocols to address the security implications of the continuing expansion in “digital identities.”

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Crisis & Resilience

Business risk is more complex than ever, thanks to shifting geopolitical landscapes, an ever-increasing dependence on technology, natural disasters, and other sudden events. Deloitte’s crisis and resilience professionals stand with our clients in good times and in crisis. We help them anticipate and prepare for incidents that could jeopardize their competitive positions, critical assets, reputations, or financial standing. And we also help them respond and recover when unforeseen disruptive events occur. Through cyber war games, simulations, penetration testing and other vulnerability assessments, we identify specific risks or single points of failure that could cause an extended business disruption or crisis. By educating our clients on resilience disciplines, we help them rehearse their responses and develop "muscle memory" for real-world situations. Further, we design operating models and implement technologies that help each client's business return as quickly as possible to a resilient state following a disruption.

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Detect & Respond

Cyber threats have become faster and more sophisticated, increasing an ever-expanding threat landscape. Companies are increasingly susceptible to system compromises, ransomware, and other emerging threats that result in data breaches, involuntary information disclosures, and loss of revenue. Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) by Deloitte combines industry-leading technology with experienced Deloitte teams to provide threat hunting, detection, response, and remediation capabilities to our clients to help them meet both their cybersecurity and business requirements. Join us on the cutting edge of cyber security by defeating adversaries and delivering resiliency for clients. We have opportunities in Security Operations Centers (SOCs), Threat Intelligence, HUNT (Adversarial Pursuit), and Incident Response.

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In today’s increasingly digital world, businesses and organizations must be able to extend their operations outside traditional boundaries. Authorized access to information at any time from anywhere by employees, business partners, and customers has become a key business need. But such access comes with its own set of security risks. Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory’s digital identity services helps clients achieve efficiencies, reduce risk and evolve to support the changing needs of their digital operations. We offer field-tested accelerators and methods that are scalable and adaptive to each client’s specific set of business requirements.

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Cyber Strategy & Infrastructure

Deloitte’s cyber strategy and infrastructure professionals help organizations focus on enterprise-level risks through a strategic lens. Our work helps clients reimagine risk to uncover strategic opportunities aligned with their business priorities— to gain competitive advantage and become more trustworthy, resilient, and secure. We help clients conduct cyber assessments and benchmarking that set a foundation for training and reporting across the organization. And we help them identify potential insider threats and design programs to thwart it. Then we turn the lens toward helping clients modernize their core and cloud infrastructures with next-generation security controls that help manage risks and exposure.

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Cloud Security

Cloud has transformed work practices, as organizations from local businesses to the federal government migrate their computer capabilities and data to cloud. Our cloud security professionals assist clients with their security needs as they navigate their journeys to cloud on the leading cloud platforms—from assessment to design to implementation to post-implementation reviews. Examples? We analyze prospective cloud platforms to assess how well the security controls match the client’s specific risks. We deploy third-party technologies including cloud access security broker (CASB), cloud workload protection (CWP), and cloud security platform management (CSPM) solutions. And we develop platform-specific security policies and standards for account and subscription management and configuration for leading cloud service providers.

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What I love about working in cyber at Deloitte is that Deloitte really invests in its cyber capabilities and solutions and its people within cyber. Cyber is changing every day and so to understand the impact of not just technology in business but also the cybersecurity aspects, it’s really important.

— Kunmi Akingbade
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For the first time in my life, I feel like I can be my authentic self. My role is challenging, and the diversity of the team is refreshing.

— Stephannie Seltzer Bekerman
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