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Programs and conferences for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors 

We offer students a variety of opportunities to get to know Deloitte. From internships and competitions to community service programs and conferences, we look for students who will become tomorrow’s business leaders. Explore opportunities below to amplify your future.

Deloitte National Leadership Conference

This multi-day conference brings together select students from colleges and universities across the country and professionals from the Deloitte US Firms to participate in leadership development workshops and networking activities at Deloitte University. You'll hone your leadership skills, while also sharing what it means to be a part of Deloitte, through hands-on activities promoting teamwork, personal branding, the client experience, and networking.  

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Discovery Internship

The Discovery Internship is designed to expose freshman and sophomore summer interns different client service businesses at Deloitte. This opportunity will help you grow your skills, empower your curiosity, and celebrate your versatility.​

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International Women's Day Conference

Deloitte's International Women's Day Conference helps attendees learn the importance of becoming a female leader in today’s work environment. Participants areintroduced to peers and industry thought leaders so they can share ideas and begin building their own broad network of professionals—the people who can help them customize their careers and achieve their goals. 

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