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Three networking pitfalls to avoid

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Networking isn’t always easy—especially if you lean more toward being an introvert. But, it doesn’t have to leave you feeling anxious if you focus on a few important tips.

Don’t ramble on. Clearly communicate your personal brand. The first thing is to make sure you come prepared to networking opportunities knowing what your personal brand is and how to communicate it – clearly and succinctly. Taking time to prepare well can pay off with a terrific interaction with a recruiter or a new acquaintance.

Don’t assume recruiters will remember the details of your first meeting right off the bat. Recruiters often meet with many candidates so offering a reminder about past interactions or conversations you may have had by referencing places, events, and dates will help get the conversation off to a great start.

Don’t underestimate the potential of every interaction you make. You never know where your career will take you so it’s important to look at anyone whom you connect with as a possible future colleague or supervisor. It’s as important to interact with first or second year Deloitte professionals as it is to speak with a partner, principal or director.


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