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2018 global CIO survey—publishing soon

Manifesting CIO legacy

Technology continues to challenge "business as usual"—making every company a technology company. Our 2018 global CIO survey will build on our previous survey findings on CIO legacy and take a deeper and broader look at the future role of the CIO and the ways that technology leaders are called upon to transform enterprise business operations while driving top line growth and revenue.

Gain insights on technology leadership

Ahead of our survey report publishing, please enjoy this compendium of articles—published in The Wall Street Journal CIO Journal—highlighting CIOs who have impacted their businesses by embracing their evolving roles in the era of digital. We highlight examples of leaders who collaborate across the C-suite and within their organizations to drive change, modernize IT operations, and spur innovation. Read today’s CIO Journal for the latest technology news and stories. CIO Journal is accessible to all WSJ digital edition subscribers. Interested readers may opt-in to receive The Morning Download, a digest of the day’s top CIO Journal stories, including a featured story from Deloitte, delivered every weekday.

CIO role in the digital era and beyond

Navigating CIO challenges and implementing CIO strategy

​The 2016-17 global CIO survey report focuses on how CIOs can chart the strategic course to create their legacy—delivering lasting value to the business—despite the challenges of rapid digital transformation. Globally, 1,217 technology leaders participated in this research across 23 industry segments. Examine the findings from the 2016-2017 global CIO survey.

Read more on the 2016-2017 Global CIO Survey.

CIO strategy in the face of challenges

​In the 2015 global CIO survey, we showed you a map for creating legacy, which we define as how technology leaders deliver lasting value to their organizations. Our key finding was that effective CIOs add value in three distinct patterns based on the needs of the business. Trusted operators ensure operational excellence, change instigators enable large business transformations, and business co-creators focus on revenue and growth. The 2016-17 global CIO survey report—Navigating Legacy—focuses on how CIOs can chart the journey between pattern types as they look to create their legacy.

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Determine your pattern type

Take a quick assessment to identify your current pattern type. Gain further insights in the report on the business conditions that may require a shift between pattern types and the key considerations and steps required to navigate from one pattern type to another. Take the pattern type assessment now.

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CIOs lead unique and complex lives—operating at the intersection of business and IT to deliver value to their organizations. To help CIOs manage these challenges and issues, Deloitte has created the CIO Program. The program provides distinctive offerings to support the CIO career lifecycle through leadership development programs, immersive lab experiences, insight on provocative topics, and career transition support to complement the technology services and solutions we provide to our clients.

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