Techfluential Podcast


Talking tech. Influencing business.

A podcast from Deloitte's CIO Program & WSJ Custom Content

How can influencing differently lead to new opportunities? C-Suite leaders share their stories on bringing business and technology together to transform organizations and drive strategic value.

About the podcast

Long regarded as technical gurus serving the business, CIOs are today’s visionaries, evangelists and change agents for the business. 

Join Deloitte’s Lou DiLorenzo in conversation with tech leaders who’ve successfully challenged the status quo, redefining the CIO’s role by transforming organizations and industries. Where technology and influence converge, new opportunities and value can emerge.


Building adaptive, business-focused tech teams

Successful tech leaders are often skilled team builders. Listen to Rob Carter, former CIO at FedEx, and Cisco Sanchez, SVP and CIO at Qualcomm, discuss how cultivating adaptability and building business acumen in tech teams can boost business outcomes.


Translating tech into business advantage

To build influence in the business, some tech leaders are speaking the language of the business. Seasoned CIOs Ashley Pettit of State Farm and Jay Crotts, former CIO at Shell, discuss how cultivating a curiosity about the business can help tech leaders lead transformational change across the organization.



What does it mean to influence differently? In this mini-episode, series hosts, Lou DiLorenzo and Brian Kamenetzky, explore what it means to be “Techfluential,” why the role of the CIO is changing, and how successful leaders across the c-suite are embracing the opportunity.

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