Digital transformation in marketing

Marketing in the digital age: What leaders should know

Effective digital transformation helps businesses evolve and thrive, but the concept of transforming can be daunting. Successful adaptation to the digital enterprise can mean the difference between a floundering company and a flourishing one.

Digital transformation in marketing is about harnessing the digital enterprise. It means using technology to continuously evolve all aspects of the business model, including what it offers, how it interacts with customers, and how it operates.

Put simply, digital transformation is a way to future-proof a business.

In order for companies to succeed, they should define their ambitions and then act accordingly. Marketing in the digital age isn’t just about an innovative idea, a new leader, or a major initiative. It’s about taking a set of deliberate and reinforcing steps that results in the development of strong digital decisions.

With our FOCUS framework, we help companies shut out the noise, determine what’s most important, and implement their digital changes.

The digital enterprise affords its users the opportunity to interact with and extract value from information, perhaps in ways previously unknown. In so doing, its disruptive potential in transforming how people relate to information—and to each other—is only just being realized.

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