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Next Generation CMO Academy

February - March 2021

Deloitte’s Next Generation CMO Academy offers aspiring CMOs a unique experience, focusing on professional development and growth. This virtual and interactive program is intended to embolden marketing executives as they prepare to assume future leadership roles. Master facilitators, renowned C-suite executives, industry experts, and senior Deloitte practitioners deliver a thought-provoking curriculum focused on leadership, influence, and collaboration in today’s environment.

Next Generation CMO Academy Highlights

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At the 2020 Next Generation CMO Academy, a distinguished group of C-suite executives, authors, academics, and Deloitte leadership shared perspectives on effective marketing leadership, collaboration, and influence in a series of interactive sessions. 


Because only a small percentage of CMOs self-rate themselves as highly confident in their performance, there’s a crisis of confidence they must overcome. From plenary sessions with C-suite executives to robust Extraordinary Leadership master classes, participants heard from some of the most thoughtful voices in the field and were exposed to strategies to achieve leadership excellence.


All C-suite peers acknowledge that the CMO has an incredible knowledge of the customer. CMOs need to use that customer knowledge to influence others and deliver value. In team rooms, participants were immersed in content, including the art of storytelling, being resilient when things don’t go as planned, and characteristics of the modern CMO, all designed to increase confidence and gain tactics to influence stakeholders.


Peers want CMOs to collaborate more. CMOs need to use the confidence that they are bringing value through their customer knowledge as a natural ‘in’ to collaborate more with peers. During the Academy, participants explored the latest data around collaboration and how CMOs can work with peers to position themselves as strategic partners.

Next Generation CMO Academy Experience

What is the focus of the curriculum?

The curriculum focuses on methods of preparation, self-reflection, and development planning that are often key to excelling as CMO:

  • In-depth 360-degree personal leadership assessment
  • Evidence-based tools to be resilient in the face of corporate environment adversity
  • Methods for selling the value of marketing to other C-suite executives
  • Ways to coordinate efforts across the organization
  • Strategies to help execute future goals
  • Latest research on marketing trends and organization benchmarking


Academy participation is invitation only: Participants are senior marketing executives across industries nominated by their organization’s CEO, CDO, or CMO.

Academy participation is limited to a small group to enhance the learning experience and help participants build deep relationships with their high-performing peers.


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