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Next Generation CMO Academy

February 10-12, 2020

The CMO role is going through a rapid transformation. Today’s CMOs are expected to perform multiple roles—as customer champion, growth driver, chief storyteller, innovation catalyst, and capability builder—all while building bridges across functions and mastering the latest digital marketing technology. Deloitte’s Next Generation CMO Academy prepares future CMOs for this vital role as exceptional executive leaders. The Academy offers participants a unique opportunity to step away from their day-to-day responsibilities, learn from their peers, and focus on leadership development and growth.

CMO Academy Highlights

Recap of the 2019 Next Generation CMO Academy

At the 2019 Next Generation CMO Academy, a distinguished group of C-suite executives, authors, academics, and Deloitte leadership shared perspectives on effective marketing leadership in a series of interactive sessions. 

Learn more about our Next Generation CMO Academy focus areas:

Marketing as a growth engine

As owner of the customer, marketing now sits at heart of the strategy and must execute faster, leaner, and more productively than ever. Rapid innovation in data, customer engagement, and digital technologies require marketers to be technologists as well as creatives and storytellers. C-suite partners demand increasing involvement and deepening transparency into marketing operations and real-time results. All the while, customers are becoming more exacting and increasingly fickle. This track explores the options and tradeoffs involved in designing next generation marketing operations, organizations and talent models.

Analytics and insights

CMOs must understand how their organization can convert various types of data into valuable marketing insights in order to provide direction and guidance to the business. In this track, participants review the use of data and insights to improve the personalization of marketing tactics and inform decision making.

Tech fluency

Digital is permeating every corner of your customer’s lives, and in this competitive landscape it is important to understand, invest in, and use emerging technologies. In this track, participants learn how to think about technology, understand investment strategies, discuss approaches to innovation, and rally stakeholder support.

Board and executive presence

Today's marketing leader brings a unique and critical vantage point when advising the C-suite or the Board on how to navigate, or drive today’s industry disruption. In this track, participants gain the techniques needed to elevate their presence in the C-suite and Boardroom as a future independent board member.

CMO Academy

What is the focus of the curriculum?

The curriculum focuses on methods of preparation, self-reflection, and development planning that are often key to excelling as CMO:

  • In-depth 360-degree personal leadership assessment
  • Evidence-based tools to be resilient in the face of corporate environment adversity
  • Methods for selling the value of marketing to other C-suite executives
  • Ways to coordinate efforts across the organization
  • Strategies to help execute future CMO goals
  • New marketing approaches and techniques

Academy participation is invite-only: Participants are senior marketing executives across industries nominated by their organization’s CEO or CMO.

Academy participation is limited to a small group to enhance the learning experience and help participants build deep relationships with their high-performing peers.


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