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Data security has always been a top-tier issue, making the benefits of mainframes hard to ignore. But what happens when your data is on the move? Today’s environment of broad data-sharing and increasing regulation brings with it an even more critical need for compliance.

Power. Security. Reliability. It’s no surprise that mainframes are integral to the future of hybrid cloud strategies. But at a time rife with data breaches that can devastate a brand and regulatory requirements that can trip up the most prepared, even mainframe-based architectures have their security limits.

Mainframe security is unmatched. But data in transit? Not so much.

Security and compliance top the list of reasons that IT leaders aren’t giving up on mainframes, despite the belief that organizations are shifting favor to cloud-based services. Here’s what else our 2020 Mainframe Market Pulse Survey found:

Companies today should reexamine how they’re protecting customer, corporate, and financial data, including Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI), protected health information (PHI), and personally identifiable information (PII)—especially when it comes to data in flight (leaving or entering the mainframe).

Organizations are still responsible for that data. Which means you should have the ability to control it. Hence, the broad deployment of pervasive encryption we’ve seen in recent years. This powerful tool can reduce the cost and vulnerability of ordinary encryption—but it only goes so far. 

Speaking of risks—what keeps IT leaders up at night? And how will you protect your data?

When asked what they’re prioritizing, half of respondents indicated that improving overall security detection and response is a key IT priority over the next year. And when it comes to the mainframe, the results are staggering:

Increasingly, we are seeing organizations acknowledge the need to take quick, effective action before a cyber incident occurs, potentially preventing the financial consequences of failing to meet regulations or losing control of their enterprise or customer data.

On top of the increased investment in and usage of mainframes, we have also observed a rising interest in next-gen mainframe security features such as pervasive encryption and passports—especially since regulators indicate that pervasive encryption helps meet nearly all regulations.

Often, these efforts involve complex transformations that Deloitte has the skills and resources to help you do right.


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