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The Google Cloud journey

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As Google Next ’19 approaches, Deloitte Chief Cloud Officer David Linthicum reflects back on the early days of Google Cloud and its incredible journey to present day.

April 2, 2019

A blog post by David Linthicum, managing director, chief cloud strategy officer, Deloitte Consulting LLP

The year was 2009. A young(er) Dave Linthicum was busy building an application in a new cloud computing PaaS offering called Google App Engine, which was still just a preview version. It would be two more years before App Engine became a fully-supported Google product. Fast-forward to current day, and Google Cloud is one of the fastest growing cloud companies in the world.

I tell that story because many don’t realize how long Google has been in the cloud. Today they are a major IaaS and PaaS player, with systems that offer excellent storage performance and value, game-changing database systems, top-notch AI, and other core features that are some of the best in the industry. Google Cloud also holds a strong position in the ISV market, as more software providers are moving to a SaaS cloud and need an IaaS engine to host their services. And Google Cloud is a leader in the containers market with their on-premises and cloud-based container and Kubernetes engine. And many enterprises are going big with Google native application development, fully embracing cloud-native and saying goodbye to cloud agnosticism.

On April 9, many from our industry will gather at Google Next ’19 to network, teach, and learn about the next chapter of the Google Cloud story. With over 500 sessions, I can’t attend them all— but I will be listening closely for industry use cases for machine learning (ML). Through the popularity of ML, Google is demonstrating the business value of AI. In the healthcare market, for example, Google Cloud technology is blasting through the supposed limits of data and changing the way that the public and private sectors think about some of the stickiest public health challenges that we are facing today. (For more about cloud and healthcare, be sure to stop by the Future of Health panel on April 10 from 2:10-3:00.)

I’m looking forward to learning more about Google Cloud’s bold investments and innovations at Google Next in San Francisco, April 9-11. What are your must-see demos and speakers?

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