Case studies

Data-driven insights for life insurance

PredictRisk predictive analytics case studies

Deloitte’s PredictRisk solution uses predictive analytics and data-driven health insights to help organizations better understand, target, and advise customers; accelerate underwriting; and solve traditional life insurance sales challenges. Hear from some of our clients.

Life Insurance Client Spotlights

The Deloitte PredictRisk difference

PredictRisk combines the benefits of big data and predictive analytics with Deloitte’s patented algorithms and models, leading practices, and collective learning that span decades in the health care and insurance industries.

With access to the right data, and tools to help make sense of it, life insurers can move to the leading edge of companies that are doing more to advise customers. PredictRisk helps organizations:

  • Create highly targeted and more effective marketing campaigns 
  • Save time and cost with patented algorithms that help accelerate underwriting 
  • Understand customers’ changing needs over time and strengthen customer relationships
  • Drive innovation and growth—regardless of industry—with customer health insights

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To learn more about how PredictRisk’s predictive analytics can help improve your life insurance sales, contact us or email us.

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