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There’s a paradigm shift underway in the Energy, Resources & Industrials (ER&I) industry. Product R&D strategy, lean product development, digital product development and analytics, and organizational and talent systems are moving from being managed separately to being directly integrated into core business processes. ER&I leaders know that they need to digitally transform to make this paradigm shift happen. The Deloitte and Siemens alliance can help them do it.

At the center of the paradigm shift that’s underway in the ER&I industry is the digital thread, a reimagined version of the value chain that cuts across manufacturing, engineering, and supply chain; is powered by data and advanced analytics; and is optimized for the digital age. Each stage of the digital thread is comprised of and enabled by an integrated ecosystem of digital technologies that work in concert to tackle a particular challenge in the production process. When the digital thread is interwoven with other business processes, it has the potential to create a wave of change in long-held management strategies and deliver amplified business value.

Together, Deloitte and Siemens have the industry knowledge, digital transformation experience, and Siemens energy solutions, methods, tools, and accelerators to help organizations quickly accelerate from product roadmap to increased engineering efficiency, accelerated performance, cost reduction, and improved time-to-market.

The Deloitte and Siemens alliance

The Deloitte and Siemens alliance is an Industry 4.0-focused strategic team of business, technology, marketing, and sales professionals who focus on digitally transforming the way organizations design and produce products, monitor their performance, and anticipate their aftermarket maintenance. From R&D strategy and lean development capabilities to predictive analytics, product lifecycle management, and talent model transformation, we help improve efficiencies, capture cost savings, lower risks, and scale business for a sustainable digital future.



Our portfolio of solutions for energy, resources, and industrials

Based on years of collaborative work on Siemens platforms, Deloitte has developed pre-configured Siemens oil and gas and Siemens utilities solutions, along with methods, tools, and accelerators that ER&I clients can quickly adapt and leverage to transform their business while delivering manufacturing projects on time and on budget. Our current portfolio of Siemens energy solutions includes the following:

Our alliance in action

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Our portfolio of solutions for energy, resources, and industrials

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Brian Meeker
Lead Consulting Partner
Deloitte Consulting LLP

Jian Wei
Principal | Energy, Resources & Industrials Alliances Leader
Deloitte Consulting LLP

Melissa Hartman
Alliance Manager
Consulting LLP

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