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Trust in the era of Generative AI

How trust can maximize the value of responsible AI  

How can Trustworthy AI principles help organizations understand the nature and scale of Generative AI risks? In the new “Trust in the Era of Generative AI” video mini-series, Lara Abrash, Deloitte US Chair of the Board, and Beena Ammanath, Global Executive Director for the Deloitte AI Institute™, discuss how organizations can better understand the nature and scale of the risks, and mitigate them to increase the value they extract from Generative AI.

Lean into Deloitte’s Trustworthy AI™ framework

Deloitte puts trust at the center of everything we do. We use a multidimensional AI framework to help organizations develop ethical safeguards across seven key dimensions—a crucial step in managing the risks and capitalizing on the returns associated with artificial intelligence.

Trustworthy AI requires governance and regulatory compliance throughout the AI lifecycle from ideation to design, development, deployment, and machine learning operations (MLOps) anchored on the seven dimensions in Deloitte's Trustworthy AI framework:


  • Private

    User privacy is respected, and data is not used or stored beyond its intended and stated use and duration; users are able to opt-in / out of sharing their data.

  • Transparent & Explainable

    Users understand how technology is being leveraged, particularly in making decisions; these decisions are easy to understand, auditable, and open to inspection.

  • Fair & Impartial

    The technology is designed and operated inclusively in an aim for equitable application, access, and outcomes.

  • Responsible

    The technology is created and operated in a socially responsible manner.

  • Accountable

    Policies are in place to determine who is responsible for the decisions made or derived with the use of technology.

  • Robust & Reliable

    The technology produces consistent and accurate outputs, withstands errors, and recovers quickly from unforeseen disruptions and misuse.

  • Safe & Secure

    The technology is protected from risks that may cause individual and / or collective physical, emotional, environmental, and / or digital harm.

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At its foundation, AI governance encompasses all the above stages, and is embedded across technology, processes, and employee trainings. This includes adhering to applicable regulations, as it prompts risk evaluation, control mechanisms, and overall compliance. Together, governance and compliance are how an organization, and its stakeholders ensure AI deployments are ethical and can be trusted.

Learn more about Deloitte’s Trustworthy AI framework and read about how your organization can Build Trustworthy Generative AI through exploring the types of risks with which organizations may contend when deploying Generative AI and Trustworthy AI. 

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