The Future of Mobility and the Potential Implications to the Chemicals and Materials Industry

Taking action to capitalize on change

As electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and ride sharing converge, how and of what cars are made are expected to change significantly, creating a wide-raging impact across the chemicals and specialty materials (C&SM) sector. Deloitte’s Future of Mobility and C&SM teams join forces to help clients navigate the implications of the future of mobility.

The next big disruption: Electric, autonomous, and shared vehicles

Creating value in the new mobility environment

C&SM organizations can capitalize on the disruption, but the timing for action is critical. Electrification, ridesharing, and autonomy will likely disrupt the industry as dramatically as the discovery of electricity, and change can happen quickly. We help C&SM organizations transform their business models to capitalize on the disruption and maintain a competitive advantage.

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Business transformation
Our perspective on the future of mobility envisions a transition where traditional mobility—personally-owned and driven internal combustion engine vehicles—coexist with shared, autonomous, and electric vehicles for a time. Monitor Deloitte’s Doblin strategy framework helps clients determine where they should play and how they can win in the evolving Future of Mobility.
Ecosystem engineering
The move to shared mobility, autonomy, and electrification is already creating non-traditional automotive suppliers. Traditional automotive tiers can benefit from understanding their current role in the value chain and how it will evolve. This is especially true when considering non-traditional collaborations such as those between materials suppliers and technology companies. Deloitte’s specialization in supply chain strategy and execution help clients ensure they have the proper configuration and cost structure to succeed.
                                Analytics and digital solutions
Shared, autonomous, electric vehicles will likely have significantly more technology and sensors than traditional vehicles, creating opportunities for companies across the value chain to add and capture value. For example, materials suppliers can transition from furnishing purely structural to smart materials. Sensors can measure and create data streams about everything from location to climate to performance.

Deloitte brings a broad and diverse array of digital and advanced analytic capabilities as well as advanced materials systems know-how. These capabilities and services enable clients to shape and then capture the expected opportunities in the Future of Mobility.

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