Delivery system reform

Working together to improve health care

From hospitals to community agencies, safety net providers to transportation companies, housing authorities to physicians—practically everyone in the state’s health care system will likely be rethinking how they efficiently deliver services, provide appropriate care at the right locations, and create innovative ways to improve Medicaid patient outcomes.

How we can help

Deloitte has helped numerous provider and state organizations transition from volume- to value-based care to drive down costs and improve outcomes. In 2014, KLAS, an independent health care research firm, gave Deloitte its highest score for preparing organizations for the transition to a value-based care model.1

Our pragmatic approach focuses on prioritizing objectives, reducing complexity, identifying and implementing appropriate technologies, and establishing accountability across financial, analytical, clinical, and regulatory aspects of the DSRIP program. We offer a three-phase approach that allows you to scale our support to fit your needs.

Rapid assessment

We will conduct an independent review of current plans, culture, and overall readiness to identify risks and help prioritize activities across six critical work streams, including governance, technology, project management, and workforce. We conduct the assessment over five weeks by analyzing your organizational data and documentation, reviewing current implementation plans and infrastructure, and conducting interviews across partner organizations.


We can provide support for organizations that desire help in filling their readiness gaps by providing on- or off-site knowledge, skills, and manpower. We tailor our services to your requirements—from running the project management office to providing Deloitte professionals who have specialized experiences and knowledge—to help you manage risks, meet milestones, and earn incentive payments.


We don’t disappear after your transformation is underway. We can provide as-needed help to manage risk, maintain momentum, and resolve troubled areas. After a year or two, you may want to conduct another rapid assessment to verify that the organization is on track to achieve your five-year goals.

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Key potential benefits

  • Expand resources and capabilities to achieve DSRIP milestones and project goals
  • Increase opportunity to earn incentive payments
  • Gain alignment and support among stakeholders
  • Execute projects while effectively managing risk, reducing costs, and improving patient outcomes
  • Position your organization for value-based care and transitioning to an ACO

Delivery system reform: Six critical areas

By focusing on these six areas, PPS organizations can enhance their ability to achieve DSRIP program results and meet their target for reducing avoidable hospital use.

Start now

As the world’s leading health care consulting firm, we have the knowledge and capabilities needed to help your organization achieve DSRIP goals of reducing Medicaid healthcare costs and improving the wellbeing of your patient population. If your organization is ready to get to work, we should talk.2

2 Source: Kennedy ranks Deloitte the number 1 global healthcare consulting practice based on breadth of capabilities (2010 – 2013).

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