Helping to deliver a higher degree of student success

Deloitte and Workday join forces to support the journey of leading colleges and universities into the student cloud

Colleges and universities have widely embraced student success as a priority. Higher education leaders understand the importance of modernizing their institutions’ infrastructures to drive student success and improve organizational effectiveness. Yet they are faced with barriers such as lack of resources and funding. The student information system Workday Student, combined with the transformative help of Deloitte, can help higher education leaders build a viable and cost-effective roadmap for serving their institution—and their students—more effectively.

A new way to help transform with Workday Student

Built in the cloud with input from higher education’s top institutions, Workday Student represents a whole new class of student information system. Designed for today’s mobile generation of learners, faculty, and staff, it offers visibility, insight, and the ability to engage students proactively at critical points in the student life cycle. With Workday Student, institutions can more easily manage flexible curricula and programs of study and guide students to more favorable outcomes while simultaneously helping to streamline administrative processes and enhance organizational effectiveness. And, because it’s cloud-based, Workday Student comes with built-in automation, analytics, and faculty and administrative dashboards that allow users to intuitively access and manage important information anywhere, from any device. While Workday Student provides a new engine for transformation, making the most of its capabilities involves rethinking how work is done and building a culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence.

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Making an impact

Deloitte has a committed team with deep knowledge and experience in the higher education sector, change management know-how, business-process design capabilities, demonstrated data frameworks, tested methods and tools, and an innovative approach to analytics—in addition to Workday implementation services.

Going well beyond deploying the system, Deloitte provides broad services for colleges and universities that are interested in harnessing the power of one Workday: uniting the entire campus under a single configurable, easy-to-use application that is delivered in the cloud. Deloitte offers one-stop access to the skills and experience needed to help redesign business processes, deploy Workday Student effectively, and expand its value proposition by integrating it with other Workday and non-Workday products.

Capable of handling the processing and data demands of many large, complex research institutions, Workday Student features next-generation digital tools that empower students to help themselves and administrators to serve learners more effectively. But whether an institution can realize the intended value from Workday Student—or from any modern, cloud-based system—largely hinges upon how well stakeholders embrace change and if they fully buy into the concept of doing things differently. The importance of change management is one of the lessons learned from implementing Workday HCM, Workday Financials, and now Workday Student, in several large and/or complex colleges and universities.

To learn more on how your institution can deliver a higher degree of student success with Workday Student and Deloitte, download the full PDF.

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