IT Business Management


IT Business Management

The bottom line starts here

​Within many organizations today, the IT side of the house continues to struggle with a key existential question: How do you move beyond a reactive “order taker” role and develop a strategic partnership with the business side of the house—a role that will help connect IT activities and IT spending with big-picture priorities? How do you evolve beyond traditional delivery of IT products and services to the delivery of results that drive value for the business?

It’s all connected

Operating effectively and getting the expected results requires careful orchestration of the IT operating model, IT services, and project delivery capabilities. It also requires meaningful feedback between the IT side of the house and the business—to drive continuous improvements.

For many companies, IT is not structured to operate like a business.

Connect cost to value

​In seeking to support the organization’s business in a more meaningful way, one answer for IT lies in plain sight: IT must operate more like a business—one focused on strategy, client service, business objectives, and value-based outcomes.

A more business-focused approach for IT—in the form of a comprehensive IT business management (ITBM) strategy—can help IT elevate its role within the organization and help drive overall corporate success.

In shifting to an ITBM posture, IT leaders can:

  • More clearly convey the value of IT for business executives
  • Put in place solutions for efficiently managing IT cost, quality, and performance
  • Align IT with enterprise goals and enhance decision-making capabilities
  • Increase business value and lower costs by integrating governance and execution

How we can help

Deloitte understands that shifting to an ITBM posture can be difficult. That’s why we’ve developed an end-to-end suite of ITBM services that can provide the necessary guidance, resources, and structure that IT organizations need to operate more like a business and to improve support of corporate business goals.

Our services

Our comprehensive ITBM line of services covers:

IT Governance, Operating Models, and Delivery Models. Deloitte can help you develop business-focused IT governance and management capabilities, design and implement new IT operating models, evaluate IT organizational considerations, and develop business-focused service delivery models and sourcing capabilities.

IT Service Management. Working with Deloitte to build a stronger IT service capability can help you formulate and deliver services based on the value proposition to customers, and it can help you reposition from managing tickets to enabling business strategies.

Project Portfolio Management. By enhancing visibility into projects underway and by building communication capabilities to support decision-making, our PPM services can help you master cost, timing, and effective use of resources.

IT Cost Optimization. For IT organizations, the pressure is on to reduce costs and increase value. Deloitte’s ITBM services can assist you in optimizing IT costs by helping you adopt more effective processes, refresh infrastructure and applications, and identify areas of waste.

IT Financial Transparency. Our ITBM offerings can help organizations put in place new technologies and processes that can provide a broad, detailed, and meaningful view into where the money is being spent and how it is supporting the business.

Ways to get more value

Start talking. It’s never too soon for business leaders and IT leaders to develop a common vision and align strategy. One place to start: Discuss the goals for the business over the next three years– and the IT products and services needed to get there.

Spread the message. Communicating the ITBM strategy throughout the IT department and throughout the business organization is key to its adoption. ITBM changes will fundamentally alter IT’s operating model. Your organization should help people understand the value of the change.

Manage delivery. As you move forward with an ITBM transformation, make sure that you’re asking questions that will help you manage delivery of IT effectively. Do we have the optimal resource mix? Are we doing the “right” things “right”? Are we maximizing efficiency?

Drive results. More than just dashboards and reports, IT requires a decision-support and feedback mechanism that will allow you to drill down to see key activities, processes, and functions—to help you answer key questions such as: What are the most effective actions to take? And are we doing enough?

The big idea

A solid IT business management capability delivers a portfolio of IT services and functions that collectively drive end-to-end business processes—with a focus on identifying areas in which IT can increase value to the business.

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