Use C-Suite AI™ for CFOs to unlock valuable executive insights  

Deloitte’s C-Suite AI™, powered by NVIDIA, drives decision-making  

Many C-suite executives, especially Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), feel increasing pressure to elevate business performance in today’s dynamic marketplace. Artificial intelligence (AI) and Generative AI (GenAI) can help integrate powerful new business technologies, including C-Suite AI™ for CFOs to help transform financial operations and drive shareholder value.

Out with the old, in with C-Suite AI for CFOs

While there’s no substitute for experience, knowledge, and strategy when making business-critical decisions, new technology and C-Suite AI for CFOs can help executives better analyze financial ratios, shareholder value, and more, to guide decisions and reduce:

  • Reliance on manual processes amid dwindling resources
  • Excessive time spent pulling reports and analyzing complex data
  • Data security vulnerability and cyber threats

Driven by data, designed for impact

Deloitte’s C-Suite AI solution, powered by NVIDIA, combines today’s most progressive GenAI frameworks to give CFOs access to a customizable, secure library of large language models (LLMs) ready to engage and interact with your organization’s financial data to provide:



AI-powered insights

Directly interact with AI applications running on Deloitte’s secure and private large language models (LLMs) to receive answers to over 10 prompts that can unlock shareholder value.


GenAI-fueled analytics

Leverage the untapped power of GenAI to revolutionize how you gain new insights from structured financial data, industry trends, and more using natural language.


Contract intelligence

Unlock more insightful, actionable intelligence using GenAI tools on your organization’s enterprise contracts to consider mergers and acquisitions, easily accessible via a chat interface.


Investor relations

Gather better market intelligence faster and generate draft investor documents by posing sample questions based on quantitative and qualitative inputs, industry reports, and more.

Putting C-Suite AI for CFOs to work across 10 key dimensions

Curious how CFOs can directly interact with our CFO GPT platform in Deloitte’s C-Suite AI? These examples of actual prompts and commands can help forecast financial strategies, run real-time reports, and provide industry-informed recommendations at a moment’s notice.


Explore Deloitte’s Quartz AI™

Discover the future of business transformation with Deloitte's Quartz AI, our NVIDIA-powered suite of cutting-edge, cross-industry—including C-Suite AI—designed to help you unlock the transformative value of AI.


NVIDIA Alliance

Learn how Deloitte and NVIDIA help organizations access market-leading accelerated computing power and create deep learning models that can deliver new capabilities, value, and a competitive advantage.







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