Quartz Frontline AI™

Deloitte’s AI solution for customer service, powered by NVIDIA

Frontline AI is a powerful conversational AI offering. It provides a channel-agnostic, novel human engagement mechanism that intelligently streamlines, measures and addresses feedback. With visual conversational capabilities, Frontline AI serves as the ultimate virtual customer care representative, and can intelligently converse in any language to provide an effortless, humanized experience that can increase customer loyalty. Powered by NVIDIA’s AI Enterprise platform, Frontline AI includes next-gen AI competencies: avatars, generative AI, and large language models.

Customer interaction in action!

Frontline AI can provide lifelike interactions like this Project Tokkio demo of a "talking kiosk." The avatar, developed using NVIDIA Omniverse, responds to challenging domain-specific questions. It utilizes NVIDIA Riva for multilingual speech and translation AI, NeMo Megatron-Turing 530B large language model, and NVIDIA Omniverse animation systems for facial and body animation.

What Frontline AI delivers

Deloitte’s Frontline AI solution brings together Deloitte’s Conversational AI Framework and NVIDIA’s AI Enterprise  platform to deliver human-to-machine experiences. It delights with purposeful engagement, while optimizing customer care operations.

Deloitte stands against systemic bias, racism, and unequal treatment

Reengineering the customer experience

Frontline AI enhances customer-machine interactions by streamlining dialog for context, collecting data, measuring effectiveness, and personalizing to a specific need.

  • New Channel / Visual Mode of Engagement
    Improve experience of digital ordering by adding visual conversation cues
  • Personalized Experience
    Tailor customer interactions to unique interests, queries, and preferences, for a customized experience
  • Information access
    Immerse the customer in the experience with Avatars to add a fun, engaging element

Operational efficiency

Frontline AI can improve operational efficiency by enabling a machine to complete routine tasks, assist humans with insights, and reduce the time to process information

  • Improved Performance
    Error free and faster processing
  • Labor Effectiveness
    Reduced agent touchpoints, decreased escalations, and automation with self-service can have a direct impact on the bottom line and help QSR/Franchises make more on their OPEX
  • Increased Compliance
    Consistent, traceable, and auditable interactions





Deloitte stands against systemic bias, racism, and unequal treatment



Annual savings with voice virtual assistants



Reduction in operating costs with voice virtual agents



Calls resolved by helpdesk chatbots without human escalation



Quartz Frontline AI

With Frontline AI, you can:

  • Deploy innovative new tools to handle high-volume service requests
  • Foster avatar-enabled visual customer engagement
  • Increase accuracy with the lowest word error rate in ASR/STT engines
  • Reduce agent touchpoints and escalations to focus employees on more complex tasks
  • Streamline access to comprehensive insights for all company information

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