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Quantum computing is coming of age

The time for business leaders to plan is now

Quantum computing solutions are being tested in real business applications, governments are investing billions, and quantum supremacy feels just over the horizon. We’re here to help untangle the complexities of entanglement and bring business clarity to quantum uncertainty.


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Quantum computing is still maturing, but has relevant use cases in nearly every industry, from drug and materials discovery to climate modeling. It can be a challenge for leaders to know where to start in order to stay competitive.

Whether you’re already experimenting or just getting started, you’ll want to make sure you’re taking the right steps:

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Get prepared

Understand the impact and opportunities of quantum computing for your industry. The technology may take certain expertise within your organization, particularly in these nascent stages. Pull together the right resources to form a confident team.

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Develop a strategy

Prepare for the impact on your industry and develop your quantum road map. Consider your entire ecosystem and how quantum computing will support and work with other business transformation technologies, including AI, cloud, blockchain, and 5G.

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Monitor technology and industry developments

Subscribe to Deloitte Insights to track quantum computing’s progress. If possible, get ahead of the competition by taking advantage of opportunities to test and experiment with quantum computing today.

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Know the threats

Along with new opportunities, new threats are expected, particularly to communication encryption technologies. Current key schemes may not hold up. Identify threats and bolster cybersecurity systems now.


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Explore quantum computing applications

Quantum computing will continue to ramp up over the next several years. It is expected to have applications for nearly every industry where current computers struggle to handle large data sets and calculations, from banking to healthcare. Even some common applications may be sped up by quantum computing, enabling organizations to achieve competitive advantage and improve customer experiences.

Click the tabs below to learn about three quantum computing applications, along with other technologies being developed.


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