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Transform the employee experience with ServiceNow + Deloitte

Improve productivity and engagement by harmonizing people, processes, and technology

The concept of “work” has radically changed and disruption has created the perfect moment to unlock human potential. Prioritizing the employee experience to create a more productive, empowered, and engaged workforce can improve business outcomes and drive innovation. Learn how ServiceNow + Deloitte are transforming the employee experience and enabling the new world of work.

Client challenges

Most organizations today find themselves with a complex set of HR technologies that complicate the employee and HR professional’s ability to easily find the information they seek. Many experience the following employee friction points during “moments that matter”:

Our joint solution enables organizational efficiency and a connected, unified employee experience with best-in-class HR shared services implementation aimed to build engagement and drive employee productivity.

The benefits of working with ServiceNow + Deloitte

By prioritizing the employee experience, organizations can benefit from the productivity gains and innovations that result from a happy and more engaged workforce that can work from anywhere. Deloitte and ServiceNow’s digital-first approach reduces enterprise-wide friction by reimagining manual, siloed processes as intuitive, streamlined workflows. Discover our solutions:


Employee productivity

Enable work from anywhere with a multi-departmental employee portal that delivers a unified experience across any digital channel.

Hybrid workplace

Support a hybrid model with a digital workplace that increases engagement and prioritizes the employee experience before, during, and after business hours.

Employee journeys

Support and engage employees with personalized, in-moment experiences as they navigate life events, professional growth, and changing work policies.

Employee experience platform

Engage staff with a modern portal that delivers curated experiences and targeted communications to improve cross-department collaboration.

Deloitte brings deep ServiceNow implementation experience coupled with extensive HR transformation and workforce-centered design expertise to enable our clients to transform their digital experience. Deloitte’s ServiceNow Employee Experience practice consists of Human Capital professionals solely focused on ServiceNow Employee Experience solutions and leverages a suite of proprietary frameworks, prebuilt accelerators, and tools to deliver value to clients.

Discover the power of Employee Experience transformation

Organizations in the top quartile of Workforce Experience empower workers, inspire innovation and drive productivity. These organizations are one-point-six times more likely to achieve better customer outcomes and 25% more profitable than competitors in the bottom quartile.

Learn how ServiceNow + Deloitte are delivering for our clients with our client case studies e-book.

Case studies

Looking for a specific industry example? Download the industry case studies below:

Future of work with ServiceNow + Deloitte

During a time of disruption, human capabilities help us move forward, and the next generation of workers is key to your organization’s resiliency. What do smart workflows look like in your organization? Learn how our partnership addresses the needs of today—and tomorrow.

Re-architecting Work Webinar

Check out the conversation between Gary Cole, Deloitte Human Capital leader, Erica Volini, former Deloitte Global Human Capital leader, and Gretchen Alarcon, ServiceNow vice president of HR Service Delivery to learn how disruption has created the perfect moment to unlock human potential.

Our latest thinking

About our alliance with ServiceNow

Deloitte helps our clients enhance business outcomes by leveraging ServiceNow as an end-to-end digital workflow platform. We don’t just apply ServiceNow to automate your current processes: We reimagine how work gets done, delivering material improvements in revenue and cost reduction with higher job satisfaction.

As a leading Global Systems Integrator and ServiceNow’s Global Transformation Partner of the Year, Deloitte applies its breadth of industry and technology experience to help clients extract value from this powerful technology to create a united workflow with one platform.

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Gary Cole

Gary Cole

US & Global - Principal | Human Capital Technology

Gary is a principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP specializing in Human Resources Transformation, Technology Strategy, and Technology Implementation. He leads Deloitte’s HR Technology Strategy practice... More

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