Fifth annual eCommerce assessment

Digital and the connected consumer

The U.S. retail industry is experiencing unprecedented change as stagnant growth, coupled with advances in digital technology, continue to shape the way customers shop. As a result, retailers are increasingly challenged to develop an eCommerce experience that will win customer wallet share.

To keep a close watch on what and who is shaping the eCommerce environment, Deloitte performs an annual assessment of the business capabilities of the online channel. By performing this assessment, we are in a unique position to help retailers examine eCommerce market trends and determine which online capabilities might be ideal for investment. 

In this report, we evaluate the Top 100 online retailers in terms of revenue as defined by Internet Retailers “Top 500 Guide” and assess the execution of 140 capabilities (e.g., social integration, decision tools, mobile commerce functionality, personalization, cross-channel inventory) across these sites.

In a channel-agnostic world, winning online is not just about getting eCommerce right—it is about building a cohesive, consistent, and compelling experience across all touch points in the customer journey, both online and offline.

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