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Smarter insights with Risk analytics

Analytics perspectives and solutions

Organizations are seeking to increase “risk intelligence” by clearly defining, understanding, and managing their tolerance for an exposure to risk. Advanced analytics capabilities and cognitive technologies enable clearer visibility into the challenges associated with managing the many types of risk in such key areas as operations, regulatory compliance, supply chain, finance, ecommerce, and credit. By using analytics to measure, quantify, and predict risk, leaders can rely less on intuition and create a consistent methodology steeped in data-driven insights.

Risk insights

Why the benefits of GRC technology spend are slow
A key to realizing the benefits of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) technology spend is in the way an organization integrates the technology. Like the nervous system in the human body, coherent enterprise governance, risk, and compliance (eGRC) platform must sense and adapt to new data formats and sources, account for evolving risks, and make coordinated use of all the technology that can help handle the load to produce meaningful and actionable insights.
PredictRisk goes beyond typical demographic data, using lifestyle data and strategic health intelligence to help insurers more efficiently and effectively find the right customers to grow their business.
5 Tech Advances Propel IoT
In the internet of things, it’s not uncommon for development projects to stall or fail because of technical challenges. Today, improvements in areas such as security and network performance could help companies better manage their investments.
Quantum Dawn and the financial services industry
Recent years have seen an inordinate number of cyberattacks and hacking campaigns, and the US securities sector is a frequent target. Quantum Dawn IV is the fourth cyber simulation designed to strengthen readiness of the financial services industry and the US securities sector to respond to cyberattacks in a coordinated manner.
Advising on the risks of new technologies
Widespread technological advances—commonly referred to as Industry 4.0 or the fourth industrial revolution—are rapidly reshaping business. They're also making an impact on Internal Audit (IA) as the function must address the spectrum of financial, operational, organizational, regulatory, and technology risks associated with digitalization.
us-abstract.jpg (100×100) Evaluating a digital transformation strategy
How can organizations evolve to meet marketplace demands? Read on for different approaches to digital transformation and critical questions board members can ask to guide the conversation.
Predictive risk intelligence
Predictive risk intelligence (PRi) provides you with advance notice of the threats to your company or industry that could affect the decisions you make for your organization.
Cognitive computing applications for risk management
Cognitive computing is increasingly being used in the domain of risk management, mining often ambiguous and uncertain data to find indicators of known and unknown risks. Read on to learn more about the applications of cognitive computing for risk management.
Five ways to harness the power of product-safety and recall analytics
How can you more effectively manage data and stay out in front of safety recalls? By taking these five tips to heart.
Managing algorithmic risks
See how our algorithmic risk management framework can help you manage risks associated with machine learning and algorithm-based decision-making systems.
us-future-of-risk.jpg (100×100) The future of risk
Explore the drivers, opportunities, threats, and real-world examples for each trend. And ask yourself: will your organization be able to harness these trends to be even stronger, more resilient?
us-global-risk-management-survey.jpeg (100×100) Global risk management survey, 10th edition
While many organizations continue to enhance their risk management practices worldwide, this year's survey revealed that leaders are focused on the regulatory impact of recent geopolitical shifts and questioning what's coming next.
us-bulb-pink-blue-lamp.jpeg (100×100) Harness the power: How advanced analytics in valuation is driving value
The potential for material misstatement of a fair value estimate represents a significant financial reporting risk to companies. Learn how your business can use data analytics to strengthen its ability to meet financial reporting requirements, particularly around valuation processes, procedures, and analyses.
us-white-connecting-dots.jpeg (100×100) Risk sensing: The (evolving) state of the art
Risk sensing—using human insights and advanced analytics capabilities to identify, analyze, and monitor emerging risks—has become a key component of many organizations’ arsenals for managing risk. In fact, 81 percent of respondents to a recent survey say their companies leverage risk sensing tools, but do those capabilities go far enough to mitigate risks?

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In our second annual survey, early adopters remain bullish on cognitive technologies’ value and are ramping up AI investments. But questions linger about risk management—and about who at the company will push projects forward.

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