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Smarter insights with supply chain analytics

Analytics perspectives and solutions

While many business leaders consider their supply chain to be a source of financial risk, others see competitive opportunities. These perspectives and business cases show how new technologies–from smart sensors to advanced data analytics to cognitive computing–are transforming traditional linear supply chains into connected, intelligent, scalable, and customizable digital supply networks to help reduce costs and drive sustainable growth.

Supply chain Insights

The rise of the digital supply network
Supply chains are traditionally linear, but today supply chains are transforming into dynamic, interconnected systems. These digital supply networks integrate information from many different sources to drive production and distribution, potentially altering manufacturing's competitive landscape.
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Take 3: Aftermarket supply chain analytics: A case in point
Products fitted with sensors, monitors, and more are churning out a wealth of aftermarket data—data that manufacturers need to make sense of. Applying supply chain analytics to aftermarket data can help manufacturers address larger business issues by informing critical decisions and strengthening relationships across the entire supply chain.
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From risk to resilience: Using analytics and visualization to reduce supply chain vulnerability
Complex supply chains require sophisticated, connected tools to monitor risks, predict disruptions, and support rapid recovery as part of an overall resilience strategy. For leading companies, this line of thinking has led to an increase in adoption of advanced tools grounded in analytics and visualization.
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Supply chain analytics: How hard should you squeeze?
Can advanced analytics extract additional value from your supply chain, or do approaches based on traditional metrics deliver the best ROI?
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Vitamin D: Deloitte’s Analytics Blog

Read some of the latest Supply chain analytics blogs. Vitamin D delivers bold, real-world strategies and inspiring success stories to help organizations gain the insight-driven advantage and achieve better outcomes.

Supply chain case studies

Creating a culture of analytics at Cargill
Cargill Inc. is working to build a data-driven culture to unify its diverse business units and empower decision-makers with granular, actionable information and insights.

Analytics enabled: Getting value from every link
Using exploratory analytics techniques a leading beverage producer was able to take the first step in uncovering actionable opportunities that could deliver results in the near-term.

Product failure is not an option
A three-pronged solution addressing variability, visibility and velocity in the supply chain puts a CPG company on the path to $35M in cost-of-quality reductions.

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Supply Chain Solutions

Deloitte’s analytics solutions are designed to help supply chain leaders put their data to work solving challenges in targeted areas such as commodity volatility, demand forecasting, and supplier-specific issues. Here are just a few of the supply chain solutions we have to offer.

  • Inveritas™ Inventory Optimization: Using predictive analytics, identifies, and manages supply chain risks as they emerge.
  • Deloitte Lead Time Analytics: Utilizes advanced predictive analytics capabilities to predict and shorten lead times and reduce inventory.
  • Global Sourcing Insights: Helps identify the optimal manufacturing/supplier footprint, accounting for global, macroeconomic cost drivers, and qualitative influencers.
  • Warranty Cost & Claims Analytics: Accelerates warranty claims management process and uses predictive analytics to identify patterns which isolate anomalies in claims and uses those patterns to create rules which can be applied when assessing legitimacy of future claims.
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance Solution: Assists companies in maintaining and deploying assets and people efficiently to lower cost and improve ability to meet customer demand.

Learn more about our powerful suite of analytics solutions here.

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