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Analytics in Action: Workforce

Using advanced analysis to manage talent and risk

What if you could predict which high performers were at risk of leaving six months before they walked out the door? What if you could merge external data with your own business metrics to project workforce demand six, nine or even eighteen months from now? What if you could triage incoming resumes overnight to predict employee success and tenure – before you hire? These are key questions that we believe you should consider addressing with Workforce Analytics.

Workforce insights

3D opportunity for the talent gap
As additive manufacturing (AM) transforms the engineering and manufacturing industries, the broader manufacturing workforce is struggling to adapt to the rapid pace of change. An agile workforce planning process can help to bridge the AM talent gap.
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People analytics
The use of analytics in HR is growing, with organizations aggressively building people analytics teams, buying analytics offerings, and developing analytics solutions. HR now has the chance to demonstrate ROI on its analytics efforts, helping to make the case for further investment.
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The informed executive
A look at how the C-suite can better leverage people analytics to improve decision making and support business strategy, including practical steps to get started and evolve your capabilities.​
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Affordable Care Act (ACA): The “burning platform” for workforce analytics

Reflect for a moment on your compliance with the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA’s) employer reporting requirement for 2015. You provided your employees with 1095 tax forms as mandated and managed to check the compliance box.
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Informing labor cost optimization

Analytics can help HR, finance, operations, and IT leaders answer three key questions about labor spending. The process of labor cost optimization comes next, focusing on remediating problems through the design and ongoing monitoring of workforce management systems.
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Human Capital Trends 2016: Introduction—The new organization

Four powerful forces are driving change for both HR functions and the organizations they serve, creating talent challenges—as well as potential solutions—radically different from those faced by previous generations of leaders.
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Will IoT technology bring us the quantified employee?

Wearables and other IoT-based devices are helping millions of us better ourselves. Can employers convince everyone to use the same technology to make work more efficient, productive, and pleasant? All that data offers great potential for workplace gains—as long as everyone’s on board with the program.
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Analytics and workforce management: New ways to reduce labor leakage

Learn how to identify, evaluate, and reduce labor leakage with a labor cost optimization strategy and methods.​
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CHRO Analytics

After all the effort spent to consolidate their workforce data, many CHROs now enjoy ready access to a wealth of information. Many now use that information to generate reports more quickly and efficiently. But that’s just scratching the surface—and much of this data remains untapped, pushing analytics to the forefront.
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Our take: Adopting analytics in HR

Leaders need more than basic employee reports and peer benchmark data to align the enterprise’s human capital with the business strategy.  Workforce analytics bridges the gap, providing the practical insight—and foresight—the HR function needs to fulfill corporate objectives.
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Empowering Human Capital with Workforce Analytics

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Workforce case studies

Finding the balance

A predictive analytics application provides management with the insight to implement targeted retention initiatives that would drive innovation and insight through the power of data at a large, global pharmaceutical company.
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Workforce Analytics solutions

Deloitte Analytics solutions

We provide our clients with business-ready innovations in analytics that are difficult to match. We are at the forefront continuously developing new science-led, issue-driven analytics solutions to meet our client’s challenges. Our suite of analytics solutions can help deliver an insight-driven advantage today.
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LaborWise™: A Workforce Analytics solution

Laborwise™ can help companies turn hidden labor costs into long term savings with an actionable, cloud-based, real-time workforce analytics platform.
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Workforce Retention Analytics

Deloitte has developed a workforce analytics tool squarely focused on the challenge of retention. It uses advanced analytics that can predict turnover risk at the individual level and can also provide senior executives the lead time they need to address retention challenges and keep their leading performers. This tool uses a cloud-based solution that can allow multiple practitioners to view dynamic reports based on their preferences, replacing the old model of static reports shared through email.
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Bersin by Deloitte: WhatWorks membership

The Bersin by Deloitte WhatWorks membership includes research-based insights, tools, models, benchmarking, data and guidance. Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 organizations use it to guide strategy and planning, design talent and learning programs, select and implement technology, and develop talent.
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