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Smarter insights with workforce data analytics

Analytics perspectives and solutions

Can you predict which high performers are at risk of leaving months before they resign? Merge external data with your own business metrics to project next year’s workforce demand? And can you triage resumes to predict employee success and tenure – before you hire? Here are just a few examples of how companies can gain smarter insights and stronger outcomes with workforce data analytics and cognitive computing.

Rewriting the rules for the digital age

Workforce insights

us-dupress-future-of-work.jpg (100×100) Navigating the future of work
Issue 21 of Deloitte Review focuses on the future of work. Robots and artificial intelligence in the workplace. A dispersed workforce in which people work from anywhere, anytime. The need to constantly learn new skills to revitalize one's career. These trends and more are just part of what the future of work could entail—and we must surely adapt. Can we point business, workers, and social institutions in the same direction?
us-game-board-illustration-icon.jpg (100×100) People analytics: Recalculating the route
No longer is analytics about finding interesting information and flagging it for managers: It is now becoming a business function focused on using data to understand every part of a business operation, and embedding analytics into real-time apps and the way we work.
us-hc-trends-chapter7.jpg (90×90) Human Capital Trends 2017: Introduction—Rewriting the rules for the digital age
The accelerating rate of change in business, the economy, and society challenges both business and HR to adopt new rules for leading, organizing, motivating, managing, and engaging the 21st-century workforce.
us-hc-trends-chapter10.jpg (90×90) The future of work: The augmented workforce
Automation, cognitive computing, and crowds are paradigm-shifting forces reshaping the workforce. Organizations must experiment and implement cognitive tools, focus on retraining people to use these tools, and rethink the role of people as more and more work becomes automated.
us-dup-people-technology-icon.jpeg (100×100) 3D opportunity for the talent gap
As additive manufacturing (AM) transforms the engineering and manufacturing industries, the broader manufacturing workforce is struggling to adapt to the rapid pace of change. An agile workforce planning process can help to bridge the AM talent gap.
us-analytics-workforce-icon.jpg (100×100) The informed executive
A look at how the C-suite can better leverage people analytics to improve decision making and support business strategy, including practical steps to get started and evolve your capabilities.
us-dup-man-icon.jpeg (100×100) Will IoT technology bring us the quantified employee?
Wearables and other IoT-based devices are helping millions of us better ourselves. Can employers convince everyone to use the same technology to make work more efficient, productive, and pleasant? All that data offers great potential for workplace gains—as long as everyone’s on board with the program.

Vitamin D: Deloitte’s Analytics Blog

Read some of the latest Workforce analytics blogs. Vitamin D delivers bold, real-world strategies and inspiring success stories to help organizations gain the insight-driven advantage and achieve better outcomes.

Workforce case studies

Finding the balance
A predictive analytics application provides management with the insight to implement targeted retention initiatives that would drive innovation and insight through the power of data at a large, global pharmaceutical company. Read the case study.

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Workforce Analytics solutions

Deloitte Analytics solutions
We provide our clients with business-ready innovations in analytics that are difficult to match. We are at the forefront continuously developing new science-led, issue-driven analytics solutions to meet our client’s challenges. Our suite of analytics solutions can help deliver an insight-driven advantage today. Find your business-ready solutions here.

LaborWise™: A Workforce Analytics solution
Laborwise™ can help companies turn hidden labor costs into long-term savings with an actionable, cloud-based, real-time workforce analytics platform.

Bersin by Deloitte: WhatWorks membership
The Bersin by Deloitte WhatWorks membership includes research-based insights, tools, models, benchmarking, data and guidance. Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 organizations use it to guide strategy and planning, design talent and learning programs, select and implement technology, and develop talent. Learn how to join and start benefiting from this service.

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Analytics and workforce management

2017 cognitive technologies survey

Early adopters speak out on cognitive and AI
What do the most aggressive adopters of AI and cognitive technologies report based on their efforts to date? On everything from the impact on jobs to their specific goals and exactly which technologies they're using and much more, 250 leaders shared their views on this important business development just as it takes hold in the broader business world.

Read the survey report

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