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Deloitte InsightStudio

Delivering outcomes by design

Deloitte’s InsightStudio is a rapid incubator that can help you turn ideas into results. It’s a powerful, fast way to see the tangible value that analytics and cognitive capabilities can deliver.

Get to a whole new place, faster

Take some of the smartest people hailing from a wide range of business disciplines. Give them access to the world’s most advanced analytics capabilities, with help from the people who developed them. Put them all together in a physical environment engineered specifically to help people engage in fresh, unexpected ways. Set it all in motion with an agile model rooted in design thinking. Sound interesting? That’s exactly how our InsightStudio works. If you want to make things happen for your business, using insights that always seemed just out of reach, this is the place to go.

What are the potential benefits?

  • Faster outcomes. Generate and test new ideas within a rapid prototyping model, aided by continuously refined algorithms and models. 
  • Understand what’s possible. Every day, the world of advanced analytic and cognitive skills and technologies evolves. At the InsightStudio, you’ll have an up-to-the-second view of the latest capabilities.
  • Get aligned. The earlier you can bring together your key stakeholders, the better. The impact on user satisfaction and adoption can be huge.
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How it works

Generating insights is easy. But influencing outcomes based on those insights? That’s the hard part. Here’s how we do it in the InsightStudio.

  • Process by design: We use a design thinking approach that’s been demonstrated to generate breakthrough ideas and fast results.
  • Collaboration by design: Agile and cross functional deployment teams, drawn from wide-ranging disciplines from data science and visualization to behavioral science and application engineering, are engaged based on specific needs.
  • Solutions by design: InsightStudio clients have access to pre-built or customized solutions for common industry or client-specific challenges, which can be delivered as minimally viable prototypes, managed services, or on-premise solutions, to help achieve outcomes faster.

When the United States Golf Association (USGA) asked “how can we boost fan engagement?”

The InsightStudio delivered

With another US Open on the way, the USGA was looking to shake things up with fresh new ways to engage fans at this major event. So they stepped into the InsightStudio–and stepped up to the challenge, working together to deliver an entirely new experience to fans.

Using many of the same types of capabilities used every day in the InsightStudio, Deloitte and the USGA designed and created wall-sized touchscreen data visualizations that invited more than 4,000 fans to explore US Open trivia and historical data about the golfers.

Using real-time big data from more than 10 sources, this fan engagement terminal allowed visitors to engage with relevant information in exciting new ways. What’s the crowd density at hole #8? Where’s the best spot for viewing the action at each hole? How are fans moving in relation to individual players? Which player am I most like? With highly visual, intuitive access to data, visitors flocked to this new feature at the US Open, engaging with the USGA in entirely new ways.

Reimagining a golf ecosystem
Deloitte assisted the United States Golf Association in creating a vision for substantive change within its golf ecosystem and building solutions and partnerships to deliver greater value to its member golf clubs and facilities as well as the community of golfers they strive to serve.

We’re always thinking of ways to improve the fan experience to attract and better engage new fans. Deloitte helped us achieve both of those goals this year.

— Sarah Hirshland
Senior managing director of business affairs
United States Golf Association

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