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Insuresense™: Better Data, Faster Delivery, Actionable Insights

Data management and analytics solutions for the insurance industry

Data analytics drive virtually every aspect of the insurance business today, from premium pricing and customer experience to claims management and fraud prevention. To capture the value that insurance analytics can offer, insurers need ready access to relevant data, along with the tools to uncover data insights that improve decisions and performance.

Deloitte's InsureSense Analytics Solution Suite is an end-to-end platform that discovers and organizes data insurance leaders need to make decisions and provides the tools to turn that data into insights. InsureSense can help your business tackle the costs and complexity of essential data management while speeding deployment of advanced automation and analytics capabilities.

About InsureSense

Deloitte’s InsureSense combines business intelligence (BI) software, data models, and advanced capabilities to meet the specific needs of insurers. The advanced data analytics platform provides intuitive, flexible self-service access to BI, visualization and analytics insights, helping business leaders and analysts make smarter, faster decisions.

Insurers can deploy InsureSense incrementally based on specific needs, such as marketing and sales improvement, underwriting optimization, claims management, or regulatory compliance. This step-wise approach allows insurers to enjoy the benefits of insurance analytics applications without having to build and maintain a huge data warehouse, visualization capabilities, and reporting platforms.

The InsureSense difference

InsureSense does double duty as a companion architecture to core insurance systems. The insurance data analytics platform can draw data from core systems and integrate it with demographics, third-party data, and regulatory information to help decision makers manage and grow the business. At the same time, core processes can leverage analytics through InsureSense, to reduce processing time and detect irregular events such as fraud. Using analytics, insurers can analyze the performance of their distribution channels and better direct future investments both in agent recruitment and direct models.

InsureSense elements

A comprehensive kit of pre-built tools and data management services provides the foundation for advanced insurance analytics:

Cloud-enabled data management platforms. Data management solutions tap the power of premise and cloud platforms to integrate structured and unstructured data using traditional and big data technologies.

Data models and universal connectors. The InsureSense data model provides a blueprint for managing data by insurance business domain, aligned with industry data standards. Universal connectors can help reduce implementation time and risk when integrating legacy or leading-edge technologies.

BI and visualizations. Pre-built business intelligence dashboards and reporting applications for finance, underwriting, claims, actuarial, risk, marketing and sales, complemented by self-service analysis, and visualization capabilities.

Key performance indicator libraries and playbooks. Experience-derived, comprehensive resources help guide projects, improve standards, and create valuable insights.

Advanced analytical model library. Advanced analytical models and cognitive capabilities support thoughtful business management.

Managed services. Mature, industry-tested solutions provide the foundation to optimize, modernize, and transform analytics and information management capabilities, platforms, and infrastructure.

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InsureSense: Better data, faster delivery, actionable insights

An insurance-tailored data model

The InsureSense central data model supports diverse functions, including:

  • Policy
  • Product
  • Claims
  • Telematics
  • Billing
  • Financing and accounting
  • Insured items
  • Actuarial and risk
  • Party
    (insured, agents, and claimants)
  • Sales
  • Geography
  • Marketing

InsureSense: Sensible self-service analytics

Deloitte’s InsureSense Analytics Solution Suite is tailor-made to help insurers keep data accessible and ready to use by decision-makers, analysts, and data scientists. If your organization is planning to expand its analytics capabilities, it makes good sense to explore InsureSense. Let’s talk.

For more information, please contact InsureSense.

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